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Author: tavener

This is a new mod for Mount&blade 1.010 / 1.011


Tavener - Leader
[D]ark [K]night - Doing some Python


Sweden (Swedish empire) - Yellow
Norway (Norway) - Turquoise
Denmark (Danish empire) - Red
Finland (Finland) - Blue
Sami (Sami empire) - Green

Denmark and Norway against Sweden and Finland and Sami against Norway, Finland and Sweden.


This mod outplays in the Northern Europa and it's suposed to be the Great Northern War, 1700 - 1721, though it's a little bit scaled down if you think about all the factions that was included in this war: Sweden, Finland (wich was a part of Sweden), Denmark, Norway, Poland, and Russia. But I didn't want to include Poland and Russia because I wanted it to be a more of a Scaninavian mod. You might be woundering why the heck Sami is Included? Well I didn't want the hole mod to be just black powder, so I added the Sami faction. The Samis was actully a small comunity and kinda colonised by the swedes. I wanted the mod to be more intresting and as you can see it's not completly realistic, but there you have it, The Sami Empire.

You can read more about the Great Northern War here:

To do until BETA release:

*Change tournament weapons.
*Diplomacy. (Priority 1!)

I need to give Bjorne from taleworlds forum some credits for helping me out with a few things.

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