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Mount&Blade by TaleWorlds - trial v0.800+ -> v0.808 patch

Mount&Blade current version is 0.808.

Changes in version 0.808:

- Fixed static glove and gauntlets.
- Fixed random colors on shiny armor and horses
- Fixed errors when carrying some staff weapons
- The game loads textures faster now.
- Some other minor fixes.

Changes in version 0.807:

1) The game does not force texture detail anymore
2) Fixed crash when permanant corpses were disabled.
3) Added Vertical sync option to configuration window
4) Fixed some other small bugs.

Changes in version 0.806:

1) Fixed CTD bug on joining some existing battles.
2) Fixed error in battle advantage calculation.
3) You can leave the town in sneak into town missions now.
4) Fixed some dialog errors.

Changes in version 0.805:

1) Healing at taverns really fixed this time
2) Game manages video memory more efficiently now.
3) Fixed flickering character shadows bug
4) Fixed CTD bug on some long menu texts.
5) Specular reflection now works with DirectX 9 shaders in outdoor scenes.
6) Fixed bugs and problems with localization system.

Changes in version 0.804:

1) Resting at taverns now makes wounded party members heal faster.
2) Kidnapped girl quest fixed.
3) Using Pistols (in Mods) no longer crashes the game.
4) Inventory key in towns now works correctly.
5) Some other small fixes.

Changes in version 0.803:

1) Erratic User interface behavior fixed.
2) Player no longer loses party members after a sucessful battle against multiple enemies.
3) River Pirate quest rewards and progression no longer calculates eliminated parties twice.
4) Shadow artifacts no longer visible in the top-left corner when programmable shaders not selected.
5) Game should run under Windows 98 now.
6) Character import function really fixed this time. Wink
7) Several other minor fixes.

Changes in version 0.802:

1) Game should no longer crash after victorious battles.
2) Constable Hareck's quest rewards are now calculated correctly.
3) Keyboard input is read from background now, so fortunately keyboard input loss should no longer happen.
4) Tactics skill now affects battle advantage.
5) Minor fixes to party encounter logic.
6) Kidnapped girl quest fixed.
7) Party screen should no longer show stacks containing zero troops.
Defeated parties with zero units should no longer be left on the map after battles.

Changes in version 0.801:

- Fixed bug where couched lance damage could affect horses repeatedly.
- Hitting walls no longer produces couched lance damage and speed bonus reports.
- Antialiasing is now disabled for render targets.
- Icon labels and texts no longer produce shadows.
- Returned map camera view angle to 0.751 style.
- Character skills should now be exported and imported properly.
- Shields and weapons carried on back are no longer displayed while in first person view.
- Townsfolk should no longer disappear misteriously.
- Fixed crash with battles between more than two parties.
- Fixed various dialog and quest bugs.
- XP and Gold are rewarded after successful battles.
- Reinforcements arrive correctly during battles.

Changes in version 0.800:


1) New DirectX9 rendering pipeline and better graphics and effects in general.
2) Most of the equipment being carried is now shown on the characters.
3) New Loading and start-up screen, improved character, inventory and face generator screens.


4) Battles on the map can now involve more than two NPC parties. In other words, NPC parties can join an existing battle just like the player.
5) Party skill level calculation is changed. Now the highest skill level in the party is selected but a penalty is applied if leader's skill is much less than the highest skill level.
The penalty is 1 if the difference is between 3 - 5, 2 if the difference is between 6-8, and 3 if the difference is 9 or higher.

Changes for modders:

6) There are loads of changes for modders, most importantly, the entire party encounter logic is now implemented in the module system. In short the game can be modified in many new and different ways.
7) Support for multiple languages and localization.

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