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Introduction of
Extra Invasion


Defender factions:
The Crusaders
Court of Reveran
The Empire
The Kingdom
The Vikings

Invasion of Zombies
Invasion of Farmers
Invasion of Fantasy
Invasion of Goblins
Invasion of Persians
Invasion of Mongolians
Invasion of Holy Rome Empire

The difficulties on this mod is for hardcore players . Not for noob because all the noobs will all get killed in first waves. That is why it need *experienced players

How to install this :This is a standalone version which means you do not need Full Invasion for this. Just unzip this into your module folder then its done. Tips for noobs: Put the folder called "Extra Invasion" to your module folder in mount and blade warband. Put the folder name Extra invasion into Computer > Local Disk > Program Files > Mount&Blade Warband > Modules.What is this about:This is actaully a huge remade for full invasion. I suggest you try it out before complain it. If you do not have Warband and you want to play this mod then PM me .

How to avoid lag; Use game booster, download it in google, it helps a lot. Turn down graphics to dirext7 because in dirext9 it might lag.

Features: Please go to the features page to read more on this information


Elaine Lung: (Mainly Art work, Modelling, making
models, giving suggestions and ideas)

Alex Lung my brother (Do most of the work, programming,

Tiller (Helping for admin mod)

Ikaguia (Advisor and is the first moderator who i met from

Looking for sceners and people who would like to help or to
teach me about python stuffs.

Feel free to pm whatsoever


Huge thanks to Arch3r for full invasion!

Thanks to the Extra Invasion team!

Thanks to moderator of blood and steel (Xenoargh) for his musketeer hats , viking helmet, and 2
gun models.

Thanks to moderator of 300 for his 300 models.

Thanks to Del and the Warsword team for mummy, zombie,
lizard and 2 dino animal, beastman, ork/orcs models

Thanks to moderator of BITW for his orcs and isengard

Thanks to King Kong allowing me to import models from Third
Age Total War (Mod for medieval total war 2 expansion)

Thanks to dejawolf for his OSP models

Thanks to the hornburg team for making maps open source

Thanks to moderator of ROTK for mostly other models.

Thanks to -IYI-O-R-T- for his ape model

IKB for new animation

Thanks to Llew for his Roman items OSP.

Thanks to Gothic Knight for allowing me to use his OSP roman

Narf for his OSP armour pack
And huge thanks to the list of people who give me models or
help me making them: Dancert, hp_honey, tianzhao, ganquang, godhawk, 121230521,
九幻, yuchuo, frighter, gy7610, leosp, ly_szc, gz1000,
bytree, 见怀, 暗暗十分, going37, MR.瘋子, 汽油love,
饺子头, Sauron, YZ, YC, 傀儡小兵,

Feel Free to Say Anything

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