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An American Civil War mod focusing on realism that includes features such as artillery with choosable shell shot, shrapnel shot, and canister shot - breechloading rifles - repeating rifles - revolvers - shotguns - and much more!

*Fight as one of the two combatants - the Union or the Confederacy!
*Many differences between factions while remaining balanced!

*Cannons with an accurate loading process.
*Requires a 3-man crew to operate.
*Multiple ammunition types to use!
*Shell Shot
*Case/Shrapnel Shot
*Canister Shot
*Double Canister

*A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
*Many uniforms of famous regiments and brigades! Fight with the maltese cross of the 20th Maine on your kepi, in the uniform of the iron brigade, and many more!
*Wear your rank! Wearable uniforms for privates, corporals, sergeants, first sergeants, sergeant majors, lieutenants, captains, and colonels.
*Mix and match! Choose your hat and uniform.

*A wide array of historically accurate weapons!
*Fight with smoothbore muskets, rifled muskets, shotguns, breechloaders, revolvers, and repeating rifles!
*Reloading while walking is possible!
*Bayonets can be fixed and unfixed with the B button!
*There's a good variety of swords to use as well!
*Smoothbores fire buck and ball, shotguns fire buckshot!

*Firearms with realistic accuracy and damage!
*Bleeding, with the ability to bandage your friends to stop the bleeding!
*Warcry with the V key!

Easy-to-use Installer
*Double click the installer and run the mod through the icon on your desktop once it's done!

Current Events:

Saturday Linebattle
Hosted by Azrooh and 5arge
5:30 pm EST
9:30 pm GMT/UTC
10:30 pm BST
Unpassworded and public, US_Secession Server

Friday Linebattle
Hosted by George A. Custer
2000 GMT
Passworded, Michigan_Brigade_Server or 15th_Alabama_Server

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