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The default setting is 2 bots on first team 10 bots on enemy team, please never change this, not by poll or anything. if you change you will have to wait 10 minutes again.

Hosters please update your server config with the new one from version 9.0 to fix the bots waiting bug.

Mod is mainly for Dx7 (On Dx9 game could crash on fantasy invasion and could have some shader and texture issues, graphics sucks on dx7 I know but this mod is not aim to be the best mods, this will be one of the fun mods to play with)

How to play the game? Once the game start everyone will starts to build up their defence, dig up defence, build up barricades, try to get legendary weapons, think of strategy plans etc... When the hordes comes, players will then stick together and fend off the enermy, their objective is to stay alive as much as possible, they will kill the enemies to earn gold, some players will die in early waves because they like to go alone, once a player died he will have to wait for the team to beat the boss wave, if the boss is defeated a new rounds start and everyone spawn again.

In Extra Invasion the most popular game mod is Invasion, but you can still play the game in Battle, Siege, Death Match, Capture the Flag and so on:

We offer you a description of the game (the defenders) and non-fiction (the attackers) factions in Invasion mode. (Invasion mod only work with defender vs attacker, if you choose faction like spartan vs spartan then no one will be able to join the game, if you want defender to fight each other choose game mod like death match or something)

Playable Defenders : (If you have bots on your team, don't forget to command them!)

The Crusader States (Templars, Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights)

The Lords of the ring (Good and Evil Faction Combine)

Court of Reveran (Gothic Foot Knights / Full Plated Foot Knights)

The Empire (Based on 17 century European Knights, include England, France, HRE and Denmark)

The Nordman (Based on Viking)

The Rifleman



WW1 Soldiers

The Counter-Terrorist and The Terrorist: They team up together as team mates and they are the next upgrade from world war 1 soldiers.

The Spartans (Based on movie 300)
The Greeks (Help spartans against persians)

The Romans (Based on Rome)

The Chinese (Romance of the three kingdom Era, Ming Dynasty Era + Ancient Chinese Era)

The Last Samurais (Ninjas + Samurais )

The Fantasy

Invasions (Bots):
-Zombie Invasion (Medium)

-Farmers Invasion (Easy)

-Fantasy Invasion (With Giant Robots, Scary-looking zombies, Aliens and cartoonish stuff, Extremely Hard, can cause massive amount of lag if you play on dx9)

-Goblin Invasion (Easy)

-Zulu Invasion (Easy for all faction, hard only to the British faction)

-Persian Invasion (Medium)

-Mongol Invasion (Hard)

-Terrorist Invasion (Hard)

-Barbarian Invasion(Easy, in memories of arch3r)

-Zombie Clown Invasion (Normal,in memories of arch3r)

-Swadia Invasion

-Rhodok Invasion

-Nord Invasion

-Vaegir Invasion

-Isengard Invasion

Like the mod if you really like it/ speed up the time to release for next version or to contact me directly from there:

Mnb nexus link :

Talesworld link :

Single Player: (A bit like a Zombie Single Player Mod for Warband)


Nordman / Chinese and the Samurais were overwhelmed by Zombies and very sadly they become one of them.

Court of reveran were defeated in battle and Persians takes over their cities...

Fantasy takes all over Crusader states castles and many of them becomes one of the zombie

Spartans, The Empire and Rifleman is the only faction that is still alive after the hordes of invasion

Many soldiers from LOTR can be found in tavern and their homeland has been destroyed by Sauron

All other factions is either dead or has turned into a Zombie

Playable Factions:
Nordman/ Chinese/ Japanese is the Zombie Faction Invasion
Court of Reveran is known as Persians Invasion
Crusader States is the Fantasy Invasion
Spartans (They have ally like the Greeks + Romans)
Rifleman (Upgrade from Guns technology)
Empire (Combine with Court of Reveran)
Crusader States (Dead)
Chinese (Dead)
Japanese (Dead)
Nordman (Dead)
Lord of the ring (All Good Factions deserted in nowhere, Evil joined Invasion of Fantasy or the Zombies

Known as bug: Almost all NPC head is mess up in character screen / in castle. However in battle they looks normal

Now it is up to you to decide what to do during this era, to help the zombie or the help the survivors ? You choose

Looking for sceners, people who is interested in the mod, game balancer, suggestioners, model makers, scripter...basically anyone

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