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Warband Enhanced is my first attempt to improve the gameplay in Warband Native with the help of the best mods made by this community and also with the implementation of new features and gameplay tweaks made by me. At first, i started to make the mod for my own personal use and then i delved into module files and started to play around and thinking of making a public release.
Requires Official Warband Client 1.143:


Diplomacy is my favorite mod made for warband. I really cant play the game without it and nobody should, to be honest. It gives you clear stats on your relation with the lords and their relation to their kings. On top of that it helps you manage the castles, fiefs or kingdom much easily with the help of advisors and wife. Read more:

Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment is my second favorite mod for warband. It simply fixes the battles with AI Lords, due to addition of formations and improved battle AI. Along with this comes special formation for players troops, and new additions like spear bracing, horse lance fix and many more goodies,c ompanion and as bodyguards and more. Read

At the moment charge is on by default and camera doesn't have mouse movement you have to use numpad keys to look around when you are knocked off. Fixed in v0.3

Freelancer is a great little mod that lets you enlist into a lord army alone and rise in ranks from recruit to knight(based on the faction troop tree), gain good loot from battles, money and relation with the faction and the lord. Read more:

Additions and Fixes to native Freelancer:

- You dont loose progress when you and the lord are defeated. A quest starts and gives you 20 days to return/rescue your lord and the progress is saved, when completing the quest.
- 14 Days Leave is now working correctly
- Color Coded messages for important things
- You can keep the last equipment received if you stay in service with the lord for 90 days or more.

Improved Recruit System and Upgrade Prices:

- A new recruitment system is now in place. As lord without a faction you can only recruit peasants which belong to the mercenary troop tree. As you join a faction after 3 days you can recruit the faction troops from villages, but from other factions you will only be able to recruit peasants. Every new villages you conquer will have your faction troops and not the old faction troops.
- To balance the game, the upgrade price for each unit has been increased by 4 times in some cases. Luckily, a visual troop tree is in place with upgrade prices for you to decide what to upgrade and when: Reports > View Troop Tree
- Diplomacy: When you request the constable to recruit troops, you can only recruit your faction troops, if you choose other faction they will bring peasants.

Color Coded Messages:

- Color Coded messages are now displayed on major statuses, like gaining renown, quest time, lord relation and much more. Also when you join a faction the full power of color coded messages come in place since then you will have special colors for messages that report enemies, friendly/enemy lords captured, defeated and so on.

Kill Count:

- At the end of each battle below enemy casualties you will see your kill count along with the kill count of your companions and lords.

Improved Looting System:

- Now you have a better chance to get good items due to the looting system developed by rubik.

Troops Tree and View All Items Menus:

- A troop tree visual representation is now available. Beside the tree for each faction, you can see the upgrade cost, wages , equipment and even stat for each troop in the tree. (just click on the troop image while in the troop tree menu).

Improved Graphics and Sound:

Cinematic Compilation now brings improved texture graphics and with the help Better Metal Sounds the fights sound better and feel more realistic. Also, i added Better Banners since i can't play without them and nor should you.

Gameplay Tweaks and small additions:

- the color of the bandits is now purple for an easy identification of looters, forest bandits and so on
- 1000xp received when winning a tournament and the possibility of betting 250 gold on each round.
- When discovered in sneak missions you will equip your normal equipment, but on walk around you will have the disguised equipment.
- Siege Pack: Almost all castles and towns have 2 ladders or 1 ladder and 1 sieges.
- relation penalty on lords decreased from -5/2 to -2/2
- when attacked on raiding villages all soldiers will fight without horses to balance the native behavior.
- mid tier slavers have slightly better shield skills (check troop tree in game)
- sword sister mid tier troops have slightly better equipment (check troop tree in game)
- enterprises now produce 50% more goods and some cost less to build
- 10 prisoners per 1 point in prison management
- construction time of fief improvements reduced
- some lords have now better horses
- outlaw bands are lead by Chief Bandits

Known Issues:

- Death Camera uses numpad keys instead of mouse fixed in v0.3
- Charge on KO and Battle Continuation are on by default fixed in v0.3
- Diplomacy Recruiter dialogs, the recruiter will only recruit farmers if the village doesn't belong to your faction.
- no mercenaries in tavern fixed in v0.3
- no text summary on Enlisted: Defeat quest fixed in v0.3
- sometimes when you play as Enlisted two armies will go in formation and stare at each other, you need to provoke one alone to get things started . This is a problem from PBOD which i will investigate.


- i hate the size of the log message in Warband. To reduce the size of the font go to your warband folder /DATA/font_data.xml and change the value of the font size from 70 to 80 or 85, the bigger the small the font will be: A optimum size is around 80-85.
xml code:
width="2048" height="1024" padding="10" font_size="80" font_scale="100" line_spacing="100">


Mod by Iorya Dragon aka Thane Solus - I fixed a few bugs here and there, compiled the major mods below, added new features and tweaked things.

Diplomacy 4.2 - Waihti and zParsifal
PBOD 0.963 - Cabra'din
Freelancer 1.51 - taragoth, ithilienranger, Caba'Drin and more
Better Banners - MarkQuinn
Cinematic Compilation - DOMA_
Improved Looting system - by rubik
Color coded - by hardcode
KILL COUNT - rubik
View All Items, Troop Tree - rubik and dunde
More Metal Sounds - Checkmaty
Quickmodding camp script - MartinF (LOTS OF THANKS!!!!)
A big Thanks to all moders from the forge section:)

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