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Extra Invasion is a total conversion/ Enhance version for Full Invasion, It is a Co-op Multiplayer / Single Player mod (Alpha just for the lul don't take it too seriously) for Mount&Blade Warband, strange creatures are invading the lands, defend your motherland against hordes of demons, aliens, zombies, creatures, barbarians, goblins, orcs, uruks, humans, giant robots and many many more. Take the role of a warrior from different factions and try to survive as long as possible against endless waves of evil invaders, the mod features various maps to play on, everyone is unique and the game is very challenging.

Invasion adds a new Multiplayer Gamemode and replaces the Native factions. In this new gamemode, called "Invasion" players work together to see many waves they can survive. The bots spawn in waves and get progressively harder as the players beat more waves. After 2 normal waves the 3rd wave is a boss wave. The boss wave is harder than a normal wave, but all players respawn after the whole boss wave is defeated.

Features in short:
- Epic Single Player for the lul
- Over 2000 Items (Use cheat check on single player if you don't believe me)
- Over 40 playable defender class on multiplayer
- Over 1900 Troops at total (Native has around 900 troops so this one added 1000 more+)
- Various factions to play (10 Defender factions)
- Waves become harder as waves progress
- See how many waves you and your friends can survive
- Number of bots increase as waves progress
- Bots will have new enemy type as waves progress
- You don't have to grind to death like in Nord Invasion/ cRPG mod
- Rewards when you finish all the waves (So far no one have done it)
- All Invasions have challengers and bosses
- If a player is on low hp, he will become weaker
- Players respawn after the death of boss/ challengers are defeated
- Different faction have different strengths and weakness
- 43 Invasion maps at total (50 maps at total on V9.25 Headhunters server only)
- New faces/ haircuts/ beards for character creation
- New banners
- Medieval Era up to Modern Era
- All animals like Dragon, Shark, Dino, Snake, Goat, Cow, Pig, Rhino, Elephant, Wolf, Tiger, Drake, Car, Truck, Tank, Snowmobile++++++ are rideable
- Enemies: Giant Robots, Medieval / Modern Zombies, Aliens, Farmers, Creatures, Monsters, Humans, Elves, Orcs, Uruks, Giants, Skeletons, Mummy, Troll, Gorilla++++++
- Single Player is playable (Alpha version)
- Admin mod
- Upgradable perks / Class upgrade
- Dual Wield
- You can block with bows and use them in melee
- Legendary Weapons
- Guns (From Pistol up to Rocket Launcher up to Minigun+++)
- Build barricades and barriers to help defend your compound
- Team work
- Can also play on other game modes like battle, TDM, DM +++

Playable Defenders :
The Crusader States (Templars, Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights)
The Lords of the ring (Good and Evil Faction Combine)
The Gothic Knights of Reveran (Gothic Foot Knights / Full Plated Foot Knights)
The Empire (Based on 17 century European Knights, include England, France, HRE and Denmark)
The Vikings
The Chinese (Song Dynasty/ Teng Dynasty/ Three Kingdoms Era)
The Japanese (Samurais and Ninjas)
The Rifleman (Musketeers + Regiments + WW1 Soldiers + The Counter-Terrorist and The Terrorist )
The Spartans + The Greeks
The Romans
The Fantasy
The Gallics

New Defenders for Next Version:
(All native factions will be added in next version, but with all equipment list max out)
Zombies (Yes on next version you can finally play as a Zombie)

New Invasions for Next version:
Invasion of Midgets
Invasion of Muskets
Invasion of Dinosaurs
Invasion of Farmers (No more throwing poopy, more realistic invasion)
Invasion of Hentai Babes (It's too hard, so I need to make a easier Invasion for difficulty)

Invasions (Bots):
-Cartoon (Contain Adult Content, Hentai 18+ Only) Invasion (Extremely Easy just for the lul)
-Zombies Invasion (Medium)
-Crazy Angry Farmers Invasion (Easy)
- Normal Angry Farmers Invasion (Coming soon)
-Fantasy Invasion (With Giant Robots, Scary-looking zombies, Aliens and cartoonish stuff, Extremely Hard, may cause lag )
-Goblins Invasion (Easy)
-Zulu Invasion (Easy for all faction, hard only to the British faction)
-Persians Invasion (Medium)
-Mongol Invasion (All Horseman, Hard)
-Terrorists Invasion (Hard)
-Barbarians Invasion (Easy, in memories of arch3r)
-Zombie Clown Invasion (Normal,in memories of arch3r)
-Swadia Invasion (Hard)
-Rhodok Invasion (Normal)
-Nord Invasion (Normal)
-Vaegir Invasion (Normal)
-Isengard Invasion (Hard)
Want more? Why not put your suggestions here or to help us to make one if you're interested

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