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The mod can run on both Warband 1.143 & 1.154 but there are some sound bugs when playing in 1.154

****** NOTE : SM 1.1 requires much better computer than SM 1.0.
Lowering graphic option and Install "Light Graphic Pack V1" should be considered for low spec PC
: Window 7 -64 bit is recomended. It works better than 32 bit or Window XP

: If you got a steam version of Warband, you can download and install Warband 1.143 on the other driver.



"We, Portuguese, set sail for years from our beloved homeland; risked our precious lives against the dread of the endless ocean. However, by the love and kindness of Almighty Lord, we were miraculously destined to find this new world where none of us ever set foot on before. We were told by natives for its name. Suvannabhumi, the name they called; the name in our tongue meant for the land of gold.

In the name of Mighty Lord and Jesus Christ, our Christianity seemed to be destined for spreading in this Far-East land. With the blessing of Lord that bestowed the courage upon our handful troop, we were able to capture Malacca from the Muslim during the era of Dom Afonso de Albuquerque. However, those infidels still did not give up yet.

AlauddinRiayat Shah II of Johor, a throneless king of Malacca formed the army of Muslim and made alliance with the rulers of neighbor Islamic states in order to drive us out of this land someday.

Far into the mainland, amongst the chain of heaven-piecing high mountains; the dark forest, and wide torrential rivers which flew from further north; here two ancient kingdoms stood for hundred years, Lanna and Lan Xang Kingdom. For centuries, they maintained their glory and peace from the old day; especially the Lan Xang under the rule of King Setthathirath the Wise. King Setthathirath eventually forged his kingdom to be mightier than ever. However for Lanna Kingdom, everything seemed to be shrouded in the darkness of abyss.

After the death of King Tilokara the Great, Lanna Kingdom was no more being as great as she used to be in the past. Due to the throne usurpation of Royalties and Nobles, Queen Jiraprapa had to bravely bear the burden of ruling the Kingdom despite facing the threat from internal corrupted nobles; and fearful external invaders who came from every direction, especially the mighty kingdom from the central plain; the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya Kingdom was the wealthiest and most prosperous state in the mainland. Now the newly clowned monarch, King Chairacha, the warrior king intended to march out his military force to all Suvannabhumi states. This king wisely accepted our military service for the dreadful firepower of our invincible arquebuses and cannons.

Still, not only Ayotthaya who wanted to be the single power in mainland...

There was a mountainous kingdom located in the southwestern part of this golden land. A young king named Tabinshwehti, or well known as Black-tongue Mentra, clowned himself to reign the throne of Toungoo; despite being only fifteen years old. He claimed that he had his rights because of being the member of the lost ancient dynasty. He announced the rightful rule over Burmese, Mon, Arakan, and Tai states. Furthermore, he also intended to crush Ayutthaya under his iron fist.

Khmer Kingdom, a state once being an ancient empire whom used to rule over all Suvannabhumi minor states in the past, was now ripped of her ancient power by Ayutthaya Kingdom. The once mighty kingdom was now nothing but only a minor province. Under the depression and disgrace that the Khmer King endured, he himself dreamed of the vengeance and long- lost power reclaiming.

Far into the eastern land, a dragon kingdom named Dai Viet; the great kingdom who ever beat down the Ming army for many times in the past, was now divided into twin kingdoms by the civil war between Lê and Mạc dynasty. Both dynasties thirsted for being the only mandate of heaven in Dai Viet realm.

We travelled to the edge of world in hope to avoid the war of Europe, and sought out for the prosperity and fame in this far away land. We would see whether this land suited the name Suvannabhumi, the land of gold; or not.

May the Mighty Lord bestow us the strength and bravery for the war we fought in the name of thou...

And may all things go under Lord's desire..."


Features :

- New map of Mainland Southeast Asia
- 12 historical based factions
- Kingdom of Ayutthaya
- Kingdom of Hanthawaddy
- Kingdom of Lanna
- Kingdom of Lan Xang
- Kingdom of Lovek
- Kingdom of Manipur
- Confederation of Shan States
- Johor Sultanate
- Kingdom of Arakan
- Le Dynasty
- Mac Dynasty
- Portuguese Colony
- New Menu and Loading Background.
- New Banners
- Play as historical figures, such as Afonso de Albuquerque, Nai Chan the fang-like mustache, Sema, and etc in the custom battle.
- Overhaul the balance of gameplay.
- New in-game surrounding design of settlements.
- Change the names of settlements and nobles to match the history.
- Overhaul units for all factions, new units are added in this version like Mon Bodyguard, Le Emperor Bodyguard, Royal Elephant’s ankle Guard, etc.
- More historical based armors like Lormpok, Lanna-styled war helmet, Royal Siamese Helmet, Siamese Cuirass, Lan Xang-styled armor, etc.
- More weapons, such as Siamese Dha, Lanna halberd, Vietnamese Trammadao , Siamese war scythe, Siamese handcannon , etc.
- New horses
- New goods and foods based on Suvannabhumi style, such as palm-leaf tome, celadon wares, pickled fish jar, etc.
- Firearms with muzzle flash, smoke and bullet effect.
- New Music and sound effects.
- Include Diplomacy + PBOD
- World Map and Faction's Troop Tree


Rasiya Team :
Gendo Paveen
Paula Pony
Force March
Yotsawee Sirip.
Pop Hawk Nin-Rock

Tester & Consultant :
Antonio Lorenzia , Qcon Inp , PoomThai , Palmin van Persie , Joey Jordisan
Passapunt Pansida (Proluge) , Keng the Archeologist

Special Thanks :
Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth 1.0 - Rasiya who solely developed SM 1.0
16th century:the Northern Hemisphere - Yifeng-Konjac and his friends for awesome Ming Dynasty Models

Credit :
The World Map to show the exact realm of factions - Rubik
Dynamic Kingdom Troop Tree Presentation - dunde
Jan Tuma´s Closed Burgonet Helmets - Tumajan
Waewulf's Light Pack - Waewulf
Cinematic Compilation - DOMA_
Blood enhancement tweak v0.5 - neil_v
Graphical Pack - SendMeSmile
Shredzorz's OSP stuffs - Shredzorz's
Siege Camp Icon - Lav
Palisade MOD - JiK
Chinese Weapon OSP - J12-19
Sonyer's pack - Sonyer
Some Vietnamese items - AS0017
SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set - ScaredStoneHead
Combat Animation Enhancement - Papa Lazarou , Japakis and Community
Battle Order : Volley Fire !, Skirmish mode and etc. - Caba'drin
Sound and Smoke v 3.0 - Solecist
Granade code - Beaver & UraCCCP
Ancient Chinese Weapons - Rigadoon
[OSP] Filpping coins with tavernkeepers - Albertus Magnus
Polished Landscapes - gutekfiutek
Diplomacy 4.1 - Waihiti
Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit - Caba'drin
Narfs Plate Armor - Narf
Narfs Transitional Armor - Narf
Rus Armors - Narf
Njunja_eastern_1.5 - Njunja
Viking model pack - dejawolf
OSP Medieval Helmet Pack - dejawolf
Flintlock Firearms OSP from Llew2
OSP Weapon pop_estock_guard by The Pope (pop)
OSP Indo-Persian Armour I&II - drakharios
OSP Hindustan shields - drakharios

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