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Introduction:Rome at War is a Third Century B.C. themed Multiplayer Mod develloped for Mount and Blade Warband V. 1.154 featuring four factions, a couple of new maps,

Features:- 4 Historically accurate factions, Romani (Romans), Gallia (Gauls), Koinon Hellenon (Greek League), Makedonia (Macedonians)- 35 Classes to choose from.- 12 Custom Maps- Dozens of Weapons/armors/shields- New animations- Custom Banners

some info about factions visual look:
Macedonia - good quality textures, nearly all models are made by our team
Helenic States (greeks) - good quality textures, nearly all models are made by our team
Repupublicn Rome - Wip faction (only a small part of the faction had our graphical teams touch so a lot of changes will be n the future here)
celtic tribes (currently gauls) - tmp faction (no one of our graphical team members have touched this faction yet )

Want more information?,307.0.html
The team:
- RGCotL - Modeling/Texturing/Team leader
- Gothic Knight - Modeling/Texturing/Historical Advice
- Seek n Destroy - Coding/Research/Historical Advice
- DarthTaco - Research/Historical Advice/Modeling
- Stevon - Research/Historical Advice

- Llew For his Mount&Gladius v2.0 OSP
- Jaakko For his Roman Era Buildings OSP
- Specialist I believe there is a weapon of one of your OSP's in, but I'm not sure so just in case. I've added you.
- Jerkuh - for his Troop limmiter Script
- Rallix - for helping with the stats
- Alxcruel - for the Slinger
- Papa Lazarou -> Several animations from the Combat animation Enhancement and Community Animations Pack
- Sahran -> Two Spear Attack Pack, historical sources, and some suggestions
- Deras -> Sarissa's two handed attack
- Ficus -> Roman Pack
- KickingJoub -> Temple Ambush map
- ChaganArslan -> Natural Maps pack
-Jarvisimo-> for 5 macedon hoplon textures

- Alexander (2004) movie prop makers - for design things (most the items for Greeks and Macedons was more or less based on reconstructions of this movie props ) as much i could i am trying to get now original references (not just reconstructions)

If I forgot someone please tell me, and the name will be added to the list

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