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-6 factions:Gondor,Mordor,Rohan,Isengard,Dwarven_and Elven Kingdoms,ruled by the leaders known from the book and the film
-Mordor's land (<<
-trolls and ents with their skeletons(so they are quite big)
-orcs,uruks,goblins,uruk hais,dunledings,and easterlings with the bad boys,
-elves,dunedians,northmen,dwarves along the free peoples of Middle-Earth
-New Gondorian Slodiers, like: Lossarnach Axemen,Blackroot Vale Archers,White City Infantry,Ithilien Rangers,Armored Ithilien Archers,Dol Amroth Knights etc.
-New Mordor Forces, like:Morannon Guards,Uruk Shock_Troop,Loke_Grimmas(Easterling),and Mumakil_Rider etc.
-Isengard Forces, like:Uruk_Hai Scouts,Crossbowmen,Legionary etc.
-Elven Forces: Eldar_and Sindar Swords_and Bowmen,Forest Sentiels etc.
-Rohan:Mostly Horse troops,like:Rohirrims,Riders of the Westfold etc.
-Mercenaries:True and Evi way of trainig,for example:Dunedian Rangers,Annunimas Knights,Numenorian Infantry and Dunlander Wildmen, Angmar Infantry , Black Numenorians
-RIDEABLE:Nazgul Beasts and Mumakils
-The Fellowship of the Ring is with you,and there are some other heroes,too
-at the beginning of the game,You can choose faction
-Saruman,The Witch king and Sauron is helping the evil forces,be aware!
-(Turkish,but)100% ready MP and 100% ready costum battles with heroes

Version 3.0:
-New Dwarven and Hobbit armors
-New armor for Pippin and Merry and for Dale Swordmasters
-Items now are less expensive
-Troops got lower stats >>> easier to lose,but easier to kill them
-Includes the new troops from 2.3 (Lamedon Warrior,Gundabad Orc,etc.)
-Gondor jarids and spears now are smaller
-I checked, and mumakils won't crash the game when you kill them,altough they're now much bigger than horses
-actually there can be bugs,but I'm not a professional modder just a fan of the game,so please play with that spirit

Version 3.8:
-I tried to fix the crashes, with more or less succes
-new mercenary troops,based on SKSteele's ideas
-some new idems:Galadhrim bow,Gondor Knight Horse, etc

Please take screenshot from the game (Ctrl + Insert) and upload them to this page :)

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