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"If you are multiplayer haters LEAVE NOW, and please don't judge the mod based on alpha, its still in alpha because we start the project from scratch, so it will take some time to rebuild it to full strength"

Pretty Much Singleplayer is not the focus of the mod nor can you play SIngleplayer we are focusing on the main core of the multiplayer work done.
If game front is blocked in your country, simply make an account in moddb and choose different mirrors

This is like the Ultimate Enhanced version of Full Invasion (All Factions from Full Invasion will remain the same, not only this adds new factions, but will also keep the old ones)

Server late Spawn Bug fixed now ^^ , (took almost 2 years to fix this lol, now we're not afraid of adding new factions and stuff)

Thank you Arch3r! :D

Playable defender factions: (Bugs will appear if you choose Defender Vs Defender)
The Swadians
The Rhodoks
The Sarranids
The Khergits
The Nords
The Vaegirs
The Angry Farmers (not playable yet)
The Crusader States
The Chinese Song Dynasty/ Meng Dynasty Empire (not playable yet)
The Japanese Empire (not playable yet)
The Lord of the Rings (LoTR) (Good and Evil factions combined)
The Empire
The Kingdoms
The Spartans / Macedonians
The Colonists
The Court of Reveran
The Gothic Knights (not playable yet)
WW2 Soldiers (not playable yet)
Modern Rifleman (not playable yet)
Riflemen (not playable yet)
Super Heroes (not playable yet)
The Romans
The Norse
The Assassin Guilds
The Executioners
The Invisible (not playable yet)
The Cheaters (not playable yet)
Survivors (not playable yet)
Zombies (Might be back later)

Enemies: (You can't play as these, they are bots bascially)
Invasion of Orcs (not available yet)
Invasion of Uruk-Hai (not available yet)
Invasion of Farmers
Invasion of Goblins
Invasion of Zombie Clown
Invasion of Persians (not available yet)
Invasion of Zombies
Invasion of Crazy Farmers (Throw shits instead of potato (not available yet)
Invasion of Barbarians
Invasion of Giants (not available yet)
Invasion of Midgets (not available yet)
Invasion of Muskets (not available yet)
Invasion of Sharks (not available yet)
Invasion of Zulu (not available yet)
Invasion of Indians (not available yet)
Invasion of Gauls (not available yet)
Invasion of Skeleton Army (not available yet)
Invasion of Mongols (not available yet)
Invasion of Romans (not available yet)
Invasion of Spartans (not available yet)
Invasion of Terrorists (not available yet)
Invasion of Spec-Ops (not available yet)
Invasion of Fire arrows (not available yet)
Invasion of Swadians (not available yet)
Invasion of Vaegirs (not available yet)
Invasion of Rhodoks (not available yet)
Invasion of Nord (not available yet)
We had lots of things in our minds, we take suggestions very seriously.

66 Invasion maps

Our Dream Goal: (Its possible)
Over 50 Defender Factions
Over 150 Invader Factions
Over 500 maps to play

This mod is a multiplayer-only co-op mod, where players join one team and fight the bots on the other team. As there is only respawning after every 3 waves (every 3rd wave is either a boss wave or a challenge wave, more on that later), it means if you're whole team dies before you've beaten the boss wave you will start at wave 1 again. Please note that if you like winning, this mod is probably not for you. The bots you fight against spawn in waves, and become tougher as you beat more waves. The number of enemy bots also increase with the number of waves, but the number of bots also increase when playing with more people.

As the whole purpose of the mod is delaying the death of your entire team, you must make sure that not only you survive, but also help your teammate. Please remember you're probably going to die, if you don't like that: Don't use glitches to not die, just don't play this mod. Using glitches to make sure bots cannot reach you take the fun out of the game, perhaps not for you, but it will for other people. Remember: This is a co-op mod, it's not only about you, it's about the team.

We are a bunch of dedicated players of Full Invasion, since Full Invasion isn't getting any updates, we have decided to revive the mod by adding more items + improve things. Since this is going to be an Enhanced version of Full Invasion/ basic of EI, we will go for Full Invasion 2. Strange creatures are invading the lands, defend your motherland against hordes of enemies . Take the role of a survivor from different defender factions and try to survive as long as possible against endless waves of evil invaders, the mod features various maps (+66) with various factions to play on, everyone is unique and the game is very challenging.

Full Invasion adds a new Multiplayer Gamemode and along with some Native factions. In this new gamemode, called "Invasion" players work together to see how many waves they can survive. The bots spawn in waves and get progressively harder as the players beat more waves. After 2 normal waves the 3rd wave is a boss wave. The boss wave is harder than a normal wave, but all players respawn after the whole boss wave is defeated. If you are a fan of Full Invasion/ Hornburg/ Extra Invasion/ Zombieee or any other Invasion mods, then this is a must play for you

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