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Mod Introduction

Welcome to Romae Bellum.
A Mod set in the in the first half 2nd Century BC.
This is the era before the mighty Carthaginians fell.
Before Greece was conquered.

The Romans are ready, ready for war!.

In the north barbarians fight each other, but Rome is a growing threat
The barbarians fight to keep what is theirs. their land, their ways of life.
Their gods desire blood! Roman blood!

In the East, Greece is struggling to hold their traditions.
After Alexander, they'll have to rebuild what was once theirs.
They wont surrender, not to Rome.

In the South, Rome's strongest and most cunning enemy, Carthage, are out on vengeance.
There's only place on this earth for one of them,
for one empire!

Rome is getting surrounded from all sides.
Will the republic win like they did 100 years before?
Or will Rome burn, and witness their own destruction?

It's up to you to decide.
Will you help Rome conquer the world?
Will you choose for one of the other factions to expand your empire

Now....It's up to you!

Roman Republic.
Leader:Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus

Strenght: Strong Infantry,Equipted with javelins.
Weakness: No good cavalry or archer support.

Leader: Rhun map Peredyr (Not historical)

Strenght: Strong well armored units. Great cavelry and good archers.
Weakness. somewhat poor infantry.

Leader:Viridomaros (lived 70 years earlier)

Strenght: Strong Infantry Supported by good Archers.
Weakness: Weak cavalry

Leader: Teutobod (lived 30 years later)

Strenght strongest infantry. strong and fast cavalry and great Archers.
Weakness. They wear no armor.

Leader: Eumenes II Soter(King of Pergamon)

Strenght: Great Infantry (hoplites) Good Archers.
Weakness. Weak cavalry

Leader: Hasdrubal the Boeotarch (leader of the defend of carthage)

Troops are not done yet

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