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Mount and Empire!

since 09/05/2013 v1.3.3 has been released

Notes: the idea for this mod comes from mount and musket, i allways felt annoyed that there is no warband version of this mod that allows you to properly form your own empire. This mod is largely a merge between the best and biggest i could find, with added muskets and uniforms to give it a brand new look and feel.
First version as of 18/03/2013, there might still be bugs/inbalanced. if you find any please post them on the forum

Become Emperor of Calradia!

All of the original m&b: warband options are left in game, so you can make your kingdom in the imperial era! Especially with the added companions the start of your kingdom can be more realistic as you promote your friends into positions of power.

Fight in a brand new style!

Muskets change the way the game works completely, no longer is the knight lord and master but victory comes trough leadership and good use of your army's strengths.


Every faction has his own unique situation and strategy and should be played in another way, Sometimes a faction might be stronger in a certain situation (rhodoks on a hill) when in other cases this same faction has very little chance (rhodoks on flat plains).
Select the faction you want to view and read more about on the forum. It's open for suggestions!

Vaegir Tzardom
Nord Electorate
Holy Swadian Empire
Rhodoks Republic
Sarranid Empire
Khergit Hetmanate

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