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Before I start on anything else, first of all, I am fully aware that some people wouldn't like to see another Roman modification. As we have currently within the community two already outstanding mods. Rome at War and Romae Bellum.

Really the only thing I can say so far on that matter is that the reason why I started on this is because I am really interested in the time and I got somewhat hyped by the Rome series (;o). In anyway I will do my outmost best in whatever way possible to make this mod fun on its own way.

This project has been under development by me alone, as a sideproject. As I somewhat took a break from the scening on the GoT modification due various reason. (lost hype and interest)

In this mod there will be a lot of use of OSP's as I am not a scripter or a modeler/texturer Though I will try to make as much new stuff as I am enable to do. Starting to learn more and more how to re-texture what helps a lot. While doing the scening myself and some other minor things. It is my actuall first "major" project that I have worked on my own so don't be to harsh on me!

There is still much to think off on how things should be done. I just wish to create something that wants you to have an enjoyable time .Any suggestions are really appreciated and also suggestions on quests or a story line would be really appreciated!

Credits/Thank you's

Jaakko for Roman Era Buildings.
leandrojas_ for Mundus Magnus
Rigadoon for Elephant
Caba`drin for his many usefull OSP scripts
Dunde for his Troop tree Presentation
Jarvisimo for his Classical OSP
Llew for Mount&Gladius 2.0
Iggorbb for his Rome OSP pack
RGCotL for RGCoTL's Rome
Alphadelta's and all the other creators of theAncient Warrior Pack
Mandible for his Tunnels
Lumos for his Outpost kit
gutekfiutek for his polished landscape mod
taragoth and his team for the Freelancer OSP feature(s)
thick1988 and his team for the Diplomacy OSP feature(s)
Lav for his Lord Custom Notes Script
Hessuu for his Recruiter kit script
Count of Flanders [Imperium Romanum] for some assets (texturers etc)
Time Golem for his Ancient Armory
Xenoargh for his Camel
Antonis for some graphical designs
Taleworlds for their amazing game
A thank you to Blobmania for helping me out with some things
A thank you to Taco for helping me to find a suitable name,
(I'm horrible when it comes to that)

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