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Intro :

I always wanted a mod based on the crusade like those i found for Mount & Blade.
After i've waited for quite some time, i decided to create my own.
It was not really easy at the begining to start the work, i have problems mainly
on the map since there is no map editor for warband.
But after some time it was easier to understand the game mechanics like creating
new items, edit the faction, map...

It is maybe not as accomplished that i wanted to, but it is working so far and i
made lot of modifications to make it look like a crusading medvieval game.

Modifications :

- New Map, very close to holy land map area
- Historic Cities and castles, real names from that era
- 5 new Factions, Fatimite, Seljuke, Antioch, Jerusalem, Byzance and Tripoli
- New Troops, changed name and equipement of each faction's troop
- New items, more armors, hemlets, shields, horses and swords
- New realistic textures of the environment
- New animations for two handed swords
- New music on map and during battle
- New sounds
- Historically NPC, all the leaders and some generals
- Introduction, change text in the introduction

Installation :

Quite easy, you just have to copy or extract the mod in "modules" in your game folder.
Select the mod by the launch menu and enjoy.

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