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Call of the Kings is a Mount and Blade overhaul, it takes the player to the early age of the gunpowder in Calradia

This mod originaly started off as a little project to add new items and troops for my own entertainment, but I decided to release it under the name of "Native Enhancement", but after a couple of updates, I decided to change the name to "Call of the Kings" since it was becoming a little more than just an enhancement.


- 30+ New Items
- 97+ Companions mod
- Advanced Orders (volley-fire, Spear Bracing, etc)
- Firearms
- 60+ New Units (all made by me!)
- New Backstory Options (some made by me!)
- Split Troop Assignments
- Optional Battlesizer App
- New Backstory Options
- New Factions

Coming soon:

- Optional Battlesizer installer
- More Backstory Options
- Player Faction Troops
- Adventurers (mercenaries)
- Crusaders
- New Parties
- New Companions
- Optional Music Add-on
- More stuff!
- The Kingdom of Ghoradul

The factions:

- Kingdom of Swadia - Based on Renaissance period Germany and Spain, their most notable troops are the Carabineers (mounted gunners), Longbowmen (long range skirmishers), Knights (heavy cavalry) and Champions (heavy infantry). The best stategy to use with these troops is to slowly advance forwards as your longbowmen rain hell down on your enemies, and then finish them off with a musket volley at close quarters - or - run them down with your heavy cavalry and carabineers.

- Kingdom of Rhodoks - Based on high-medieval period Italy, their most notable troops are their Armored Sergeants (heavy pikemen clad in mail), Pavise Crossbowmen (medium range crossbowmen that have large Pavise shields) and Musketeers (close range gunners). The best strategy with the Rhodoks is to hold the line and wait out your enemies, soon they will charge - or - have your swordsmen charge the enemy lines as your pavise crossbowmen snipe them from afar.

- Kingdom of Vaegirs - Based on the early-medieval russia, their most notable troops are their Knights (heavy cavalry wearing kuyak armor), Hussars (medium shock cavalry), Birdiche Infantry (heavy shock infantry) and their Archers (long range skirmishers). The most effective tactics to use with the Vaegirs is to chase your enemies down whilst your archers thin out their numbers from behind the line.

- Kingdom of Nords - Based on viking-age Denmark, they field the Huscarl (heavy shock infantry), Warriors (medium shock infantry) and Horsemen (light shock cavalry best used as cannon fodder). The most effective tactics with the nords is obviously charge at them - or - you order your men to form a shield wall around your archers and wait until the enemy numbers are thinned out enough to finish the battle with a single charge.

- Khergit Khanate - Based on early-medieval mongolia, they have the Khergit Guard (heavy shock cavalry), Master Horse Archers (light horse archers) and Master Bowmen (long range defensive archers). The best tactic would be to charge the enemy in a single horde whilst your bowmen keep your flank covered.

- Sarranid Sultanate - Based on early-medieval age Egypt, they have the Mamlukes (heavy shock cavalry), Mamluke Archers (heavy horse archers) and Guards (heavy infantry). An effective tactic with the Sarranid troops would be to order your men to assault the enemy head on to weaken them and have your horse archers surround the enemy, and then order your cavalry to charge finishing off any survivors.

New Factions

- Kingdom of Ghoradul - Based on the late era Teutonic Order, this warrior society blends Swadian plate armour, Vaegir steels and Nordic barbarism with a demonic image, they wear heavy plate armours and brigandines with their signature great helms and long swords. Their notable troops are the Ghoradul Guardian (Plated Pikemen), Ghoradul Champion (Plated Shock infantry) and Ghoradul Knight (Heavy Shock Cavalry), their heavy armour makes them best for defence, but also as great shock infantry.

Coming Soon

- Kingdom of Castillio - Based on age of sail Spain and France, this advanced and ambitious nation of merchants, inventors and explorers are the main users and creators of firearms. Their soldiers are skilled duellists and grizzled adventurers, their notable troops are the Blademaster (Light infantry), the Castilla Company Guard (Light pikemen with pistols) and the Castilla Company Musketeer (Unique elite musketeers), their light and heavy infantry make for great shock inf., but their pikemen and musketeers can be used in a pike-shot formation.

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