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* 3 Amazingly awesome multiplayer maps!
* Forest Hideout: Perfect for team play modes like TDM, CTF, and Conquest.
* The Arena: The go to place for battle, deathmatch, and duel modes.
* Jammeyyed Castle: A unique siege in the desert.

* New music and sounds have been added to single and multi-player modes.


* Mahdaar Castle map has been slightly redesigned for better play.
* Warhorse & Charger stats have been balanced.
* Camp Followers and Sword Sisters now get Power strike skill.
* Swadian and Rhodok troops have been rebalanced.


* Village infestation quest is fixed.
* Bandit lair navigation meshes have been updated.
* Custom troop group behavior fix for defending castles.
* Some graphical fixes concerning specularity.
* Fixed banner display problems on heraldic armors.
* Non-English language fixes/additions.
* Various other bug fixes

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