Fantasy Wars Map, Patch, Tool, Movie (PC)

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All Maps 1 551 1.98 MB Apr 15, 2008
Khelmar Strait Multiplayer Map (1 vs. 1) - Capture & Hold Settlements

The Khelmar Strait Scenario is a Human vs. Orc custom scenario with a twist. Success heavily depends on your ability to capture and defend key settlements. At the end of each turn you receive income in gold for each settlement under your control. You c

Map added: 15.04.2008 | | 1.98 MB | 551 downloads

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Patch 1

This is a hotfix for an IP address input requirement in multiplayer mode.

Patch added: 03.03.2008 | fw_patch.exe | 22.33 MB | 714 downloads

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Fantasy Wars Map Editor (Europe)

An official map creation/editing utility.

Tool added: 30.01.2008 | | 6.67 MB | 405 downloads

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Fantasy Wars Map Editor (North America)

An official map creation utility.

Tool added: 30.01.2008 | | 6.67 MB | 194 downloads

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Trailer #1

1C Company has released a new trailer from Fantasy Wars, showcasing this turn-based strategy game developed by Ino-Co Previously known as Mythic Wars, Fantasy Wars features 3D battlefields and surroundings, various tactical opportunities, more that 70 uni

Movie added: 26.07.2007 | | 595.88 MB | 140 downloads

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Trailer #2

There has been a new trailer released for Mythic Wars which features gameplay footage.

Movie added: 13.12.2006 | mythicwars_gameplay2.rar | 25.23 MB | 85 downloads

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E3 2006 Trailer

This is the E3 2006 Trailer for Mythic Wars.

Movie added: 05.07.2006 | mythic_wars.exe | 91.01 MB | 84 downloads

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