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This is the legacy patch of the legacy patch!!!.
Further patches will only be prepared in the event of a repeatable catastrophic failure or something in-game that simply does not function at all.

A special thank you to Bohemond and Franciscis for their intense efforts cleaning up this game for legacy.
Without their effort, it is highly unlikely that anyfixes or improvements would have been made.

THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR THE 1.00 VERSION, if you have not installed the Foundation Patch before.
This patch is comprehensive, containing all changes since the original release of NCP
This patch is not compatible with saved games from versions earlier than 1.09 RC1.
In all cases, the Saved Game Folder will be deleted.

Python script checks run [thank you LaFrite!]
Duplicate Aliases resolved in Colors, Fonts, Move Types, Terrains, Sounds, Models, Units
Aliases corrected in:
Settings file AI.opt
1806 Campaign
1808 Campaign
1812 Campaign
1813 Campaign
1814 Campaign
1815 Campaign
Prussian Campaign

Latest LocalStrings_AGE included

[Patch 1.10 = October 28, 2012] for clarity, the 1.10 changes were: [all included in 1.10 as usual]

Game Engine [updated to version 121011]

You can now disembark troops from a fleet trapped in ice.
Siege improvements [supplementing rules added in version 1.07]

Besieged forces will now take attrition hits every turn, in proportion of their number and how the siege roll went (anti over-crowding rule).
If too many breaches accumulated, then a surrender roll is always possible (whatever the presence of a depot, super elite troops, etc.)
Each breach will make the besieged consume an extra 5% of his normal supply usage. The purpose of this rule is that by upping the supply usage, you'll have more chances to have your supply depleted enough so that the depot (or supply wagon) can't provide its 'surrender protection' to the besieged force. For the rationale, just consider that the breaches are also making depots and stocks explode or be wasted, as you get shelled pretty heavily, etc...
Fixed a bug where a lone sneaky leader could prevent a siege to happen, even if siege indicator was correctly shown

A retreating army can now split static units (abandon them) to escape better
If an attack is called off without routing (aka AutoRetreat), the attacking forces will revert to defensive posture but won’t retreat in another region.
A too low cohesion can make a stack call off an assault, aggressive leaders will have a tendency to force the troops though.
Fixed a bug whereby a unit under siege could always escape from the region using a specific sequence of Movement orders, Passive posture, and Evasive Move Special Order settings
Enabled Dynamic Borders to view the boundary between controlled areas. [may affect map scrolling speed] See Main Menu – System
Enabled Main Menu option to switch to 120DPI fonts [for higher resolution displays]
Added Overcrowding rule:

The overcrowding rule exists to penalize (rather substantially) forces that are too numerous to defend adequately in-cityscape structures (mostly cities and forts). As with other rules, the engine is not prohibiting in 'a hard way' troops to be stationed en masse in a given structure, as it would pose very large problems to handle for the interface, then the AI. Instead, it follows the philosophy of 'you can do it, but that's not optimal'...
See Wiki article at:

Database changes [thank you Bohemond and Franciscus]

Several changes made to clean up duplicate Model and Unit Aliases
Minor corrections to events in 1806 and 1808 Campaigns
Minor changes to 1804 Setup
All Setups recompiled for new DB
Text strings cleaned and updated.


Siege icons repositioned for 442Koln, 470Hannover, 529Wittenburg, 572Kustrin, 563Glogau, 548Torgau, 551Leipzig, 555Dresden, 455Frankfurt, 457Dortmund, 485Wesel, 484Aschaffenburg, 498Wurtzburg

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