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Posted on 11/08/2010 12:17

cool game, the penalty is not well developed, the story was too short ... 48 hours playing trashed ...
8.4 superb
Posted on 07/20/2008 17:21
Points: 185
SI Member

its good in graphics, new cars (i love muscle) and story , but game is so easy!!! mw was harder,
i think if the mw has the carbon graphics, and cars it will bee best!
nfsc- nfsmw for beginners...
8.4 superb
Posted on 05/19/2008 08:22
Points: 5
I just got here
9.0 superb
Posted on 05/14/2008 02:12
Points: 541
SI Core Member

"Carbon" is lots of fun:-) nut very easy at the same time! It took me one day to complete this game is was peace of cake!

The graphics got a lot better I must say!

The story is pretty much the same as all the other "NFS's"

The gameplay is the... Read More
7.7 great
Posted on 05/13/2008 10:54

much better then the last few NFS's
9.0 superb
Posted on 06/13/2007 04:36
Points: 9
I just got here

need another speed most squalor

This game is for kids!!!
-I run with 340 km/h and suddenly i crashed to a wall but my car is good as new!
-Endurance is three days!
-Cars have limit of accessories and engine working
-Even a child 8 years old can finish it and onlock everything...
5.5 alright
Posted on 05/04/2007 02:10
Points: 234
SI Veteran Member

awsome game but it's always night
8.5 superb
Posted on 02/20/2007 02:29

where is the sit belts

the storyline of the game is good.. n the mos exting thing is the three types of the cars Muscle, exotic n tune these type of car give the diff types of entertainment... then go jfor it..
8.9 superb
Posted on 02/10/2007 04:23

a little boring game
9.0 superb
Posted on 02/05/2007 01:53
Points: 6
I just got here

Need for Speed

It is the best game which i ahve ever palyed
9.5 perfect
Posted on 12/22/2006 01:31
Points: 3
I just got here

awesome grafix & gameplay . But i only dislike is it is to short got it finished within one week
9.4 perfect
Posted on 11/23/2006 14:49
Points: 52
SI Veteran Newbie

Good Game

Hey, so i found the game farely good. They brought all the car customisation stuff back which is great. Though the storyline is quite short once youve finished career mode you can play others on the internet wich is realy cool. The cops are still there... Read More
8.5 superb
Posted on 11/18/2006 23:27
9.6 perfect
Posted on 11/16/2006 18:11
Points: 86
SI Veteran Newbie


It`s hot! I like it the most. How u can tune ur car it`s briliant! i think it's better than most wanted. New part of NFS is here. New part of tuning & racing it`s beging.
9.5 perfect