Neverend Patch, Movie, Extra-Pack (PC)

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Patch 1.2

The patch will update various parts of the game and fix a number of bugs - both gameplay and graphical.

Patch added: 20.02.2007 | | 22.98 MB | 5373 downloads

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Patch 1.1 US

Patch 1.1 has now been released for Neverend. It fixes a few issues which have been found.

Patch added: 04.01.2007 | neverend_usa_update7.exe | 23.39 MB | 2384 downloads

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Explore the vast and enchanted world of Neverend with its bustling towns, towering castles, ancient ruins and lush landscapes.

Movie added: 14.09.2006 | neverend_trailer.rar | 15.72 MB | 127 downloads

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Reinforcements pack

The Reinforcements pack contains three new battle fields, a new quest, gameplay tweaks, three new characters, bug fixes and much much more. It's for the German Version only it seems.

Extra-Pack added: 15.03.2006 | ne_add-on.exe | 40.16 MB | 501 downloads

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Patch 1.1

This patch will update the previous version of Neverend to version 1.1 by bringing lots of bug fixes, balance tweaks so as new playable character.

Patch added: 18.05.2005 | | 32.69 MB | 4000 downloads

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