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To install the custom AI, map and mods along with the mission unzip the "data_win" file to your OFDR main game directory.

To install the mission only, enter the "data_win/missions" folder inside the zip file and copy the "SLT Endgame" forlder into the "OFDR Game folder/data_win/missions" folder where "OFDR Game folder is the folder that contains "OFDR.exe"

This version includes the following:
- SLT AI mod: A variation of the Ultimate AI mod from TemplarGFX specifically modified for SLT Endgame
- Experienced and Hardcore dispersion mods from TemplarGFX from Ultimate AI 2011
- SLT map mod: A modification of the OFDR ingame map showing location markers
- Jeep speedometer mod - This mod adds speedometers to all jeeps, humvees and desert patrol vehicles
- The mission -Can be played as coop, single mission or Campaign
- All of the mssn files used to create Squad Level Tactics Endgame
- The custom entity database used to create Squad Level Tactics Endgame
- Text tutorial
- Auto Hotkeys for OFDR from HaywoodSlap

Game Features:
- Selectable objective based or freeroam gameplay (objectives given at bases or with intel discovery)
- Start with squad in helo at sea so you can go wherever you want to kick things off
- Deployable forward outpost (FOP) available with LAV, AAV or MH-60
- Deployable mortar with custom targeting system
- Ground reinforcements within range of a base of FOP
- Helo reinforcements available if terrain suitable for landing
- Extraction helo available if terrain suitable for landing
- CAS support helo
- 21 US base camps to resupply
- 3 different destroy objective types
- 2 different assasination objective types
- Clearing location objective types
- 2 different destroy vehicle objective types
- Aquire intel from active locations
- intel reports
- Satellite uplink

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