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Survival 0.8.6 Beta Mission
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Written by Rikki_B 2013



To install this mission you must copy the folders into your Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising installation directory.
If you forget to add the "Mods" folder & files included with this package, then you will not hear any
custom sounds. The host and the client must have the files located in the same directory within the
"missions" folder.

This is how the files should be located:

Retail version:
\Codemasters\OF Dragon Rising\data_win\missions\Mission Editor\survival086R
\Codemasters\OF Dragon Rising\data_win\Mods\audioBanks.xml
\Codemasters\OF Dragon Rising\data_win\Mods\survival.fev
\Codemasters\OF Dragon Rising\data_win\Mods\survival.fsb

Steam version:
\Steam\steamapps\common\operation flashpoint dragon rising\data_win\missions\Mission Editor\survival086R
\Steam\steamapps\common\operation flashpoint dragon rising\data_win\Mods\audioBanks.xml
\Steam\steamapps\common\operation flashpoint dragon rising\data_win\Mods\survival.fev
\Steam\steamapps\common\operation flashpoint dragon rising\data_win\Mods\survival.fsb



This is an updated version of the 2009 Intel competion winning mission Survival.

You have as much time as you like to find a location to defend within the quarry. Once you're ready, you must activate
the spawning by entering the jeep highlighted at the start of the mission.

There are 2 permanent ammo refill locations. They are located within the 4 flag poles in a square (in-front of you when
you load into the game).

Bonuses are awarded randomly with a 1 in 25 chance everytime you kill an enemy. They're also awarded when killing
the "fly-by" helicopter at the start of the spawning.

1. Insta-kill (60 seconds)
2. Max-Ammo (750 rounds in one magazine)
3. Invunerability (60 seconds)
4. Bomb (Kills the closest 40 enemies)
5. Artillery (x1)
6. Air-strike (x1)
7. Helicopter (90 seconds)

Custom sounds are played for some of the bonuses and the audio has been sampled from COD's Nazi Zombies.

Highscores are kept in the OFP:DR root folder named highScores.txt and there will also be a debug log named debug.txt
in the same location.


Known bugs:

1. While playing co-op secondary players may crash out of the game for an unknown reason.
2. Insta-kill doesn't work 100% of the time for secondary players. I think this is caused by the bad netcode within the
3. Secondary player cannot recieve ammo from the "Permanent ammo" locations.
4. Highscores are only counted for the host.
5. Air-strikes and artillery bonuses can only be used by the fire-team leader.

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