Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition Mod (PC)

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Total / Partial Conversion Mods 1 265 84.93 MB Oct 6, 2010
General Mods 1 65 423.82 MB Jun 17, 2013
All Mods 3 557 510.86 MB Jun 17, 2013

Abbreviation CSLA come from Československá Lidová Armáda (Czechoslovak People's Army). Original authors wanted to make something touching both nations, and since original OFP took place in 1985, they chose the army of former Czechoslovakia.

Mod added: 17.06.2013 | csla2update2_install_v220.exe | 423.82 MB | 65 downloads

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WW4 Modpack 2.1

The WW4 modpack is a complete Operation Flashpoint modification providing the user highly optimised and very numerous troops/factions and their weaponry to build massive battles without most addons usual performance hit. The mod comes with its own animati

Mod added: 06.10.2010 | @ww4mod21.rar | 84.93 MB | 265 downloads

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BD Grenade Pack 3.2

Changes made in v3.2
-Optimized the scripting
-Added new grenades: RDG-1 Black, Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, RDG-2, RDG-3, RGD-5, and RGN
-Added impact fuze to RGO and RGN grenades
-Added Resistance soldier with earlier sov

Mod added: 26.07.2006 | | 2.12 MB | 227 downloads

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