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Posted on 07/21/2010 02:11
Points: 61
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8.8 My Score My Opinion

Good Points:A lot of action finally a RTS game with explosions and a big emphasis in fighting,clearly a RTS game,strategy is the key to victory in this game,great sound and effects,cinematic camera is extraordinary it really puts you into the battle
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8.8 superb
Posted on 12/06/2009 06:22
Points: 1
I just got here

Not too good

I was hopeing this would be something like COH but has not come up to that standard .
5.9 alright
Posted on 10/01/2009 18:07
Points: 5
I just got here

Multiplayer is a BLAST. Fast-paced battles, full of action. Unprecedented.
9.8 perfect
Posted on 09/23/2009 04:45


Gameplay is a bit simplistic but brings lots of fun. Battles against real men via net absolutely awesome, though some shitty bugs do appear (quite rarely).

9.7 perfect
Posted on 09/22/2009 05:40
Points: 9
I just got here

Quick and dynamic gameplay

Cool visuals, huge maps, absolutely crazy mp and skirmish modes with huge armies to operate with, sharp AI.
9.9 perfect
Posted on 09/19/2009 09:08

This game rocks!

Just bought it and played a few missions. Everything is really cool!
9.6 perfect