Half-life Others (PC)

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Sven Co-op 4.8 & They Hunger Co-op (Server Files)

This is the full version of Sven Co-op 4.8, 7zipped for server operators. Most users are recommended to use the installer instead.

Server-Side added: 21.01.2014 | svencoop48.7z | 491.76 MB | 0 downloads

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Science And Industry 1.1 Server Files

These are the server files required if you want to run a dedicated Science And Industry server. Not needed if you just want to play the mod.

Server-Side added: 09.02.2010 | si11_server.tar.gz | 69.09 MB | 33 downloads

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Xtreme Deathmatch 1.1

Adds a variation of Deathmatch mode called Xtreme Deathmatch. Xtreme Deathmatch makes several modifications to the mode. Much more fast-paced.

Server-Side added: 15.02.2008 | xdm_1.1install.exe | 5.31 MB | 154 downloads

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AMX Mod X 1.8.0 Installer

An update to the AMX Mod.

Server-Side added: 21.01.2008 | amxmodxinstaller1.8.0.exe | 6.17 MB | 134 downloads

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The Specialists 3.0 Linux Server Files

Linux server files for The Specialists mod.

Server-Side added: 26.11.2007 | ts-3-final-linux.tar.gz | 163.43 MB | 98 downloads

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Natural Selection Dedicated Server 3.2

The Natural Selection 3.2 Dedicated Server files.

Server-Side added: 02.03.2007 | | 172.23 MB | 158 downloads

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