Overlord II Demo, Movie (PC)

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Overlord II Demo

Codemasters releases a demo for the PC version of Overlord II.

Demo added: 12.06.2009 | overlord_pc_demo.exe | 972.09 MB | 8085 downloads

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Developer Diary 2

Released today is the second instalment of the Overlord II development diaries, featuring Mr Overlord himself, Lennart Sas, the Creative Director of Triumph Studios.

Movie added: 21.05.2009 | OverlordII_DevDiary2_Rated16_720p30_ST_UK_8000kbps.wmv | 101.05 MB | 0 downloads

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Enemies UK Trailer

‘Creature Crush’, the first of the new gameplay videos, features some of the fluffiest, sweetest and cutest creatures ever to come face to face with a snarling horde of menacing minions (and being bashed to bits).

Movie added: 21.05.2009 | OverlordII_Trailer4_Enemies_UK_Rated16__720p30_ST_8000kbps.wmv | 55.90 MB | 0 downloads

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Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Movie added: 20.02.2009 | Codemasters_OverlordII_Teaser_ESRB_720p30_ST_8000kbps.wmv | 66.58 MB | 0 downloads

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