Pac-Man World 3 Review (PC)

Who doesn't love Pac-Man ? Huh ? Who ?  I do ! I love Pac-Man. Now he's all grown up with a son and a wife and a very nice home indeed. 25 years on from his oh so fortunate inception and he's about to chow down on his anniversary/birthday cake when bam! He is transported into an iky scrap heap world. It seems the Pac-Universe needs him to save it, and of course he is up to the challenge. Pac-Man is always up to the challenge, he's like a little yellow Bruce Wayne.

This is a desperately cute game Hearkening back to the origins of Pac-mania

This is a desperately cute game, hearkening back to the origins of pac-mania, whilst being firmly rooted in modernity with a 3-D world. It follows a basic platform design, with mini game mazes which originate in the original days of pac-man, taking you back to memories of hanging out at the arcade, proving your persunhood with your skills on the pac-machine.

If Pac-Man is still up for the challenge 25 years on, then you should be too. If you accept this mission you'll be guiding our favorite yellow fellow through 15 worlds, all delightfully though simply animated. Little Mr. Pac has found a voice too, which adds a whole new dimension to the experience. You'll  be moved by his willingness to aid an old enemy, Orson to save the world which is under threat by a mad scientist who is draining the spectral realm. If he keeps it up, the spectral world and the real one will begin to merge together, causing chaos for both.

You're not alone in this challenge however, more former enemies are available to help. You'll recall Pinky and Clyde, once hell bent on destroying Pac-Man, they now use their special abilities to aid him on his quest. Summon them during the game and they'll help you out.  Pinky is the construction specialist, and Clyde has gone in for demolition. This means that Pinky will aid you by building various ledges and platforms and whatnot, and Clyde has the ability to destroy objects and the odd enemy as well. Very handy indeed at times.

Pac Man in 3D
There are some awesome power ups for you to swallow

They're not the only help you'll receive either, there are some awesome power ups for you to swallow. There are pellets that allow you to eat the otherwise untouchable spectral enemies, or other ones that make Pac-Man invincible. There are also some more creative power ups, such as ones that give him the ability to shoot electricity, or loop enemies together and blow them all up one after the other.  Of course he still has his basic movements, jumping on enemies to kill them, as well as a combo punch. Carnage was never this adorable before.

The various environments which make up the game worlds are simply animated, but bright and interesting none the less. This is not a game you come to looking for complicated worlds and alot of strategy. Run, Jump, Eat, that's pretty much the deal with this game, with the odd variation thrown in there for good measure. If there is to be any criticism, then perhaps it does get a tad repetitive, but that's nothing a little break won't cure. That, and the camera appears to be on crack at times. Nothing a little rehab won't cure.

This is definitely a good game for the kids, and for anyone feeling nostalgic or simply mindless. The premise is simple, and the gameplay is exceptionally easy to follow. However, sadly, the Pac-Controls seem to be languishing in the same drug induced haze as the camera, which makes maneuvering little Pac-Man around rather challenging at times.

This is definitely a good game for the kids... ...and for anyone feeling nostalgic or simply mindless

Making up for this is the fact that Namco have made a game packed with features and mini missions and many unlockeable options. The Toc Man system, for example, allows you to use mechanical objects to perform tasks which aid you on your quest. It is this sort of additional detail that brings Pac-Man to a new level of platform gaming. The mini mazes are playable separately from the main menu too, which is nice as something to come back to if you just need a quick Pac-Fix.

All in all, this game is exactly what it sets out to be, nothing more and nothing less. It's a great, fun little platformer with a proud history and it's certainly worth playing if you're looking for something simple to relax with. Or perhaps you'd like to relive old memories, or maybe make some new ones too. Go on, give it a go.

Top Game Moment: Are you kidding? It's Pac-Man, the whole game was a joy. Though, if I must, I’d pick the rainbow ribbon which chains together enemies for sequential destruction. It's a massacre with a cartoon smile. Lovely.

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