Shadowgrounds Patches (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
All Patches 4 2,616 21.15 MB Sep 7, 2006
Patch 1.05

The latest patch is a unified 1.05 patch that removes copy protection from all versions, fixes minor technical and gameplay issues and has some features aimed at helping modders.

Patch added: 07.09.2006 | sg_patch_105.exe | 7.21 MB | 1051 downloads

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Patch 1.04

The patch features some minor fixes within the game and some additional features. The patch also prepares the game to support the upcoming downloadable Level Editor, which will be available next week.

Patch added: 02.06.2006 | sg_patch_104.exe | 6.64 MB | 481 downloads

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Patch 1.01 Finish

A finish patch that solves a couple of GeForce issues and two mission problems. It also brings two difficulty levels.

Patch added: 07.02.2006 | shadowgrounds_patch_1.01_finnish.exe | 3.94 MB | 954 downloads

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Patch 1.01 German

German version of the patch.

Patch added: 07.02.2006 | shadowgrounds_patch_1.01_germany.exe | 3.35 MB | 130 downloads

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