PlanetSide 2 News (PC)

Sony to unveil changes to PlanetSide 2 World Domination following feedback

Posted: 11.02.2014 by Technet2k

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Sheer numbers often win the day, especially in Sony Online's PlanetSide 2, unless a band of squads plays things smart enough. However the World Domination Series event makes that nigh impossible, Sony admits.

They'll be unveiling changes they intend to make later today. The complaint is that huge sprawling masses just 'zerg rush' their way through bases, and it's putting people off.

Planetside 2 to receive updates every Wednesday

Posted: 09.01.2014 by nickhorth1

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Sony Online Entertainment's massively multiplayer online shooter will receive weekly updates to improve performance and add extra content, according to creative director Matt Higby.

SOE consider new all-in-one subscription model

Posted: 07.01.2014 by nickhorth1

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Sony Online Entertainment is considering a new subscription model that would see subscribers given access to their entire MMO library under a single payment. SOE president John Smedley revealed the proposed plan in a post on the Planetside 2 subReddit.

Planetside 2 server downtime for PU02, balance notes "over 10,000 words"

Posted: 17.12.2013 by Technet2k

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Sony Online has announced there's going to be about 2 hours of server downtime at some stage for the PU02 Patch going live for Planetside 2. The PU updates focus on game optimisations for the MMO.

There's a huge pile of balance changes on the way too with "over 10,000 words" articulating the avalanche of tweaks coming covering vehicles, weapons and 'other'.

Sony pursuing "personal progression systems" for Planetside 2

Posted: 03.12.2013 by Technet2k

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There's only so far the current cert system in Planetside 2 can carry players before it runs out of unlocks, and so now the Sony Online team is looking into "personal progression systems" for long-term aspirations.

It's a "tough design challenge," says creative director Matt Higby. They can't "gear out" newcomers and so have to look at other customisation options besides just adding more 'gear to the treadmill'.