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Portal 2 | THE DOORS
(Multiplayer only)

created by Martin 'Skinnycap' Johansson

Skinnycap -


Portal 2 | The Doors
The Doors is a multiplayer-only mod for Portal 2.
You’ll need to think out of the box while trusting/helping each other to make it through the various challenges.

What is The Doors?!
It's made to be fun and interesting. I see Portal as a game to be fun. I made this mod for you guys who want to play a fun game in coop with your friends.
The concept of this mod is that you never know what is behind the door. Any door can lead anywhere in the world.

For example. You walk into a room and find out that there is nothing there. You go back through the same door, but this time you are in space, or in the woods. This is the power of The Doors. You never know whats behind the door.

In the begining of the mod you have to walk through an intro before you come to the main room where all the chambers are in. You will be in a main room, where 5 different doors lead to 5 different chambers. In each chamber there is a puzzle piece for the door number 5. You will find out what to do when you play it.

* Level design is different in each chamber
* Level difficulty is balanced


To install, follow these steps:
(Or watch the Install video)

1. Open the "Portal 2 the doors" compressed file with WinRar

2. Exrtact Maps and Materials folder, into the main Portal 2 directory, If it ask for overwrite anything, take "Yes" This will not remove any ather files.

3. Load up Portal 2, Creat a multiplayer game with your freind and when game lanuched, open console and type in "Changelevel mp_coop_THEDOORS_MOD" and press enter

4. Play through it. Once you have completed the maps, the game will return to the main menu.

5. If you have encountered any bugs or want to give feedback, feel free to send an e-mail.


Skinnycap - Project Leader / Main Level designer / Story creator

Special Thanks to:
Chicken Mobile
SM Sith Lord

And thanks to everyone out there for playing this!



What's up with chamber 1?
- I tried to create this map in the new workshop tool. When i import it into hammer to make the final touches, it gets complicated. Maybe things go wrong and people have high FPS drop in this map. I took away almost every detail and split the map into 4 pieces, just to reduce the FPS drop. If you like the map, i can perhaps remake it so it runs and looks better.

I still have low FPS in chamber 1, what to do?
- Well, the only thing you could do is to skip that map and tell me about it. The more people tell me about this issue, the faster i will fix it. To skip this map, just type in the console "changelevel mp_coop_the_doors_main_2"

Why did the map ended so quickly in chamber 5?
- I have been working on this project for so long and alone, so i got a little bored. And i wanted to release this mod before it dies or gets cancelled. And ofc before people stop playing Portal 2. If you guys like it, let me know! Then i can make chamber 5 longer, or perhaps add more doors.


If you are going to edit my creation / use for advertisement or add into it: you must give credit and ask for our permission.
If you are going to make videos / movies of this (e.g. make a speed run / play through of the map) feel free, but if you are using it in a trailer of some sort, again, please ask for permission and give credit for the map.

Have fun!


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