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This game shows some new ways to play FPS

I admit that when I first heard of PREY the first thing I thought of was "Oh wow another FPS, that's great. Oh and look they're using bump mapping, wow." I later started hearing about how great it was from watching G4 at E3 and read some more on it through PC game magazines. So I started to wonder what made this game so grand? I came by Strategy Informer and found they had the demo, so I downloaded the game and gave it a go and all I can say now is "I LIKE IT!"

Now I want to point out here that I am a very picky person when it comes to playing games, I don't play any game just b/c its based off an anime or someone says it's ranked top 10 of the year. I have to see for MYSELF if it's worth spending $50 or not. But after trying out the demo I was amazed at the game play. It wasn't just any FPS like Doom or Halo, it was like a cross between Alice in Wonderland mixed with Last of the Mohicans(sorry if its misspelled) and War of the Worlds.

Now lets face it, the idea of alien invasion is pretty much dried out right? Now what makes PREY so unique is the gameplay, sure you have alien experimenting on Humans, chopping them up into chucks with their sci fi looking machines. But Prey shows so much more than that, they have childeren souls coming out and throwing their kid brothers into steel pikes. How crazy is that?

Another part of the game that was unique is that there were some puzzles, you don't normally see that in most FPS. One area of the game you have to shoot at the glowing symbols to start walking on the walls, it reminded me of a Megaman game where you fight GravityMan. But what REALLY grasped my attention to the gameplay was when you crawl this ring on the ship then you turn around and find it goes downstairs...that was awesome! It really felt like ALice in Wonderland there, you were walking through cargo crates one minute, next thing you flip backwards onto the ground an realize you just fell from the ceiling. It's crazy.

Even the way the main character would interact with the new weapons had a crazy feel to it. For Example, there's a part where you pick up an alien crab and when the character tries to poke it, the crab pinches his finger that was just hillarious. Almost as hillarious as when I threw the crabs leg at a bad guy and it blows up! As far as like your health, there are not medkits lying on the ground or glowing green needles carelessly dropped on the floor, there are spores on the ground that burst out "healing gas", i felt like a hippy sometimes getting hight on the alien fumes...groovy dude.

This game is really worth checking out, it has a whole new approach to FPS and the maps you will go through will be less than dull and will get you to thinking WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?" But in a good way.
Posted on 06/23/2006 10:04
9.0 superb