Prey, review by Beqerel

Points: 9
I just got here

Best FPS ever made

The game is awesome.You are Cheeroke indian who is abducted by alien ship together with yourgirlfriend.
I dont like that main char lineage but i understand why it is (because of outstanding graphic effects when you are in ghost shape when l4eave the body like indian "ghost of ancestors" belives
I can't beelieve that all works fine on 6600gt with full details (well done develkopers)
Great story and adrenaline running thru the body all the time.
First time in games FPS industry, you can walk on ship with special platforms on the side on top on bottom and fight enemies who are also turned on all sides when they attack.
Incredible feeling when you rotate in fight.
Music very good , maybe little old for me , rock from 1970-1980s.

All in all Great Game with stunning graphic.
Posted on 07/14/2006 04:49
9.9 perfect