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Author: Dafama2k7

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Unpredictable Prey v1.0 by Dafama (27-11-2008)


This is a mod specially aimed at playability for Prey, also, this mod fixes some Prey bugs and trys to enhance the Prey expirience with adding more creepy elements, bettering weapons, adding smarter A.I., changing some most used in the game sounds.

Specially this mod give Prey a much more Id software feel, more creepy, better action and remove many bad playability bugs made by Human Head software.


I carefully recommend to remove any OLD pre v1.x, before installing this NEW v1.x mod because there can be incompatibilities if not doing it, ok !

Also, note that i have included a file named that
contains an NVidia ONLY versions of the Parallax featured NEW shaders combo, to ACTIVATE this shaders you need to rename that file to z_parallax_extreme_prey_nv.pk4 (without the ending .ZIP extension, this should be removed from the name of the file).

Ok, now you have ACTIVATED the NVidia shaders but you still need to DEACTIVATE the Parallax Generic/ATI version to be able to use the NVidia only shaders, this can be done reaming the z_parallax_extreme_prey.pk4 file that contains the Generic/ATI version of the shaders to (with the ending .ZIP extension added).

Finally, of course an NVidia GFX card with at least 100% DX v9.0c or higher compatibility is required to see anything with this great shaders !


Latest features...:

v1.0- NEW Public (NON beta) version, at last. :)
- Removed the Brilliant Highlights NG mod shaders, but don't worry, this are now replaced by a Parallax + BHNG mod and Parallax + NG shaders mixed together, resulting in an incredible and amazing shaders never seen before !!!
- Added NEW latest powerfull shaders combo using Parallax mixed with Brilliant Highlights NG mod and Parallax mixed with NG v2.0 shaders mod (this last is accesible by the press of KeyPad + STAR keys that toggle between both shaders).
- Added NEW lightning activating the index buffers on the Autoexec.cfg file.
- Finally fixed the Arrow weapon, working on both player and phantasm modes.
- Removed phantasm look for Arrow weapon when used in normal mode.
- Better sound for Crawler grenade weapon !
- Fixed bugs and added much more features that i don't remember at this moment.

v0.8- Internal revision.
- Fixed many bugs.
- Added new features such as gibbing ability to most weapons.
- Finally fixed the random spread that the wrench weapon does, no more, now it's very usefule
and 100% accurate !
- Removed crosshair on crawler grenade weapon.
- Fixed AAS navigation system for the npcs.
- Fixed and added idle sounds on some weapons.

v0.7- Updated to latest NG shaders.
- Uses latest techniques by Maha-X.
- Updated A.I.
- Changed some weapons sounds, like low_ammo warning and rifle fire !
- Upped a bit the impact fx sounds.
- Added more push to all weapons.
- Enhanced lighter and muzzleflashes.

v0.6- Updated to latest NG shaders.
- Much powerful weapons.
- More balanced game play.
- Uses the Chromatic Dispersion Shaders by TheRealScenegraphManager.
- Fixed small bugs and optimized some things.

v0.5- Better fire rate for some weapons.
- Better muzzleflash F.E.A.R. alike effect
- Uses Next Generation Enhanced shaders (beyond the limits version).
- Better weapon Hider effect.
- Better explosions FX & particles.

Note...: Not much at the moment, but i am getting into and enjoying enhancing Prey, so much complete and fully enhanced versions will come, stay tunned !!!

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