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Author: Dafama2K7

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NEW Shaders Mod Pack for Doom 3, Quake 4, E.T.Q.W., Prey & Riddick EFBB v3.1 FULL...:

Latest info. (6-4-2k9)...:

I have added a new ambientlight.vfp and fixed a couple of small, but important bugs to all shaders !


Recently i have made a very important discover for a D3, Q4, Prey and ETQW configurations, and yes, needs more power from your computer, but it's worth a million, please, believe me, now read the explanation, eh, don't worry, is very EASY to follow, just follow my instructions Marine...:

In the Autoexec.cfg file please, add the following three lines...

seta r_useIndexBuffers "1" //Needs to be 1 on both index and vertex !
seta r_useVertexBuffers "1" //Needs to be 1 on both index and vertex !
seta r_vertexBufferMegs "128" //Needs to grow as higher the ressolution mode !

Do not set any of this three lines separately, because if one of this lines isn't set, the game will CRASH !

Rememeber to add the vid_Restart instruction at the end of the autoexec.cfg file to activate the settings, or you will not see any difference !!!

If you try to type this lines while in game from the console, remember to type vid_Restart command after typing the three lines to activate the new settings !

If you are experimenting stuttering, not smooth enough frame rate, this can happen specially on Relief and Parallax shaders, you will need to increasse the r_vertexBufferMegs "128" to r_vertexBufferMegs "256" or higher, but do it with care, too high value or too low value can crash the game !

Q...: Well, and now, the explanation, what this lines adds or changes to the look of Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey, ETQW and any other IdTech4 engine based game ???

A...: The lightning, the shadows, now they are almost REAL, this config and console instructions combined with my latest gorgeous shaders makes the faces and skins almost real, the metal, all the ambient, all the surfaces beyond any other 2008 title, it's incredible, try it, see it for yourself !!!


This are the latest versions for some of the most popular shaders out there. If you want Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey and ETQW to look the best, then check this package divided in four sections, just go into the one you are interested in and drag & drop the folder mod to the game you may want to use the shaders on...

This package is comprised of...:

NG shaders - In the past i use and consider this as my first and foremost standard shaders. Now, a NEW Parallax without artifacts have been added as standard.

Brilliant Highlights mod shaders - Now, this are the shaders i use as standard, sure a 2009 actual good look shaders. This surely are the best shaders never made.
Fixed an odd bug introduced by me that added very bad looking shadows !!!
Now, a NEW Parallax without artifacts have been added as standard.

Brilliant Highlights alternative style mod shaders - Not as good as the BHNGMod shaders, but i wanted to at least make the surely the last version of this shaders, this are a shaders that looks like playing Quake II with IdTech4 (D3) engine, very rusty and metallic. Now, a NEW Parallax without artifacts have been added as standard.

To Do...:

Now, i want to make a mix of the latest BHMod_NG + Relief Extreme shaders, i am working on it and trying, with no luck at the moment, it's all deformed, wrong, but i know, with some patience, i will be able to done it, wait... (no more wait, done now ;D)

Extra Bonus folder (included in the D3 NG Shaders Pack only !)...:

Now, i have added an extra bonus folder containing NEW updated shaders for the great game Riddick EFBB, if you have this game, don't wait more, stop reading and try it now !!!
If not, i recommend carefully to buy this good game, althougth it's a 2004 title, specially it's 3D engine looks amazing, really ! :D
Now, a NEW Parallax without artifacts have been added as standard.
Also now Riddick is compatible with and uses my NEW lastest Q4 shaders with Parallax included.

You have been warned...:

Don't wait more, try it now !!!

Note !...:

Of course, thanks to the original authors of all this mods, i have only fixed, tweaked and update it all them to feel & look even more incredible, realistically and natural.
Succesfully translating an old, but; The BEST 2004 High Quality Id Software Technology into; The BEST and NEW 2009 High Quality Id Software Technology !!!

Final Note !...:

Concerning ETQW game, i have only tested the latest ETQW Demo 2 and tweaked the shaders based on them, so try it at your own risk, :D ...I carefully recommend to make backups first, and i can only certify that it succesfully enhances and make the shaders of the ETQW demo 2 and demo 1 to feel and look even better !!!

Warning !, although the mod is based on the latest Demo 2, anyway, the retail game may have newer shaders with even better and/or much more optimized features, i don't know because i still don't have the full retail game, :( but i hope to be able to buy it shortly, of course, this and the NEW RTCW 2, both based on the latest D3 engine (now called IdTech v4), always being AWESOME !
Now, a NEW Parallax without artifacts have been added as standard.


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