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NEW Shaders v1.1 Prey by Dafama.


This Pack of Shaders for Prey are all newly made by scratch, by me, they are based on the default ones that comes with Prey. There is one shaders called classic, they are very good and feel like original Prey just better and enhanced, there is another shaders called HL2, this shaders almost identical to the ones used on the original source Hal Life 2 first released version and finally, there is the ones called the BEST, as its name says, they are the BEST, not the best here, the BEST of any other shader mods, the B E S T !!! The metal look as metal, the skin look as skin, the plastic as plastic, the wet as wet, but it doesn't look wet, brilliant and plastic all, like some other shaders. lol

Also, very important, this shaders have made not only for get the best image quality, but also, for be fast, very fast, so the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, does NOT remove the scare factor, so, go try them now, because they are the BEST !!! ;D



First of anything, in console or autoexec.cfg should be set to "1" this two commands for activate my shaders on Prey game...:

set r_cubemapNormalize "1"
set r_normalizeBumpmap "1"

Installation is just as easy as to go open with winzip, winrar or similar program, the .zip file that contains a folder called Q4, inside there is folders, each folder its a mod, just drop one of this folders that contains the .pk4 files that is made the mods, to your own Prey root directory, not base, ok ?

Then go run Prey and select the mod from the list of mods and play the game, then you will see how look Prey in 2013 ! :D

Alternatively, from your O.S., after drop that folders of mods you want to try, go inside the first folder of the mod you want to use for play some map and look for a file called nameofthemod.cmd, where that nameofthemod is the name of the mod, just doble-clic on it and will execute Prey with the mod selected and ready for use, ok ? Easy !!!


Version History...:

v1.1 - Added NEW shaders and fixed a bug.

v1.0 - Newly made from scratch pack of shaders, containing variations of the same, the first ones, called classic, the next ones called HL2 and the last and the best, are the BEST, the best ones i made !!!




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