Mod: Pre YafmHl v1.8 full
============= YAFM-HL v1.8 ===============
** Yet Another Flashlight Mod - Headlight **
by CHaSE ***** 30.09.2004 ***
Now, from Doom 3 to Prey code translation and new updates/fixes made
by Dafama . *** 6.5.2k8 ***
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By Dafama2k7 (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 13, 2013
I recommend adding this two lines on your Autoexec.cfg for this Prey mod or use my Autoexec_YafmHl_Prey.cfg also available inside the mod folder...:

bind "CAPSLOCK" "_impulse16"
bind "mouse3" "toggle headlight_toggler"

The first line is for keep the lighter attached to capslock key and the second line let you toggle on/off the NEW Flashlight when you have selected a fire weapon with the middle mouse button.