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GravityGun v3.2 MOD for Doom 3 and Prey by Dafama.

Note !...: And i hope later to be able to do a Quake 4 version too ! :D


Now Doom 3 and Prey users can enjoy the same feelings that HL2 first and then D3 ROE
users was able to enjoy for quite some time but now with even more new
exciting features added to the most interactive and original weapon a game
has had !

Enjoy taking any object and throwing them to any monster that try to kill you
causing damage to that monster, or directly damage and/or throw small monsters
like Trites or Cherubs or slow Zombies or flying demons such as LostSouls,

As for Prey users i say the same, Tommy have now a new weapon to combat the
enemies that stolen his girlfriend !

Now, Tommy kill the small monsters such Fodders and Mutilated humans that are
trying to damage you by taking them and throwing to some hard wall !

Also remember Tommy that you can take any object and place them on another
position or throw them to the enemies to damage them, enjoy !

Quake 4 users, soon (i hope !)...

Version History...:

v3.2 - Fixed an fx in the gravitygun that not was show in the Prey version.
- Added an enhanced custom version of the rifle weapon.

v3.1 - Added an addon .pk4 file that change your GravityGun weapon
for a one hand, like if you where a Jedy using the ! :D

v3.0 - Now added an all NEW Prey version for the first time !!!
- Added NEW features.
- Fixed many bugs.
- Optimized memory and removed unused variables..
- Unified the scripting style for both D3 and Prey versions.

v2.1 - Third public release. Now added ROE version also by Dafama2k7.

v2.0 - Second public release. Doom 3 only.

v1.0 - First public release. Doom 3 only.

Thank you very much to...:

PBMAX: Thank you for your Gravity Gun code!

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