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=====PES5 PC Bootpack by aglio ( - 17/Sept/2005=======

- 12 new textures for the demo, and I hope, for the upcoming PES PC New version game

- Shoes: Lotto Zhero white/blue (WECN), F50+BLue (aglioeolio), Nike Legend White/Red (Pikaflash), Mizuno Morelia Black (Capela), Umbro Xai Black Blue (Chiztopher?), Puma Exec White (WECN), Predator Absolute Bl/Red (sikersh), AZT 90 Black/White logo(Pikaf.),AZT 90 black/white without logo (Mix by aglioeolio), Pulse Dragon (Konami), Pulse Blue (Konami), Rebook Valeny White/Red (WECN)


You can import the file to the game using

- DKZ studio 0.84b (


- Game Graphic Studio 05 09 09 (

Just open file "0_Text.afs" in the DAT folder, find file "unnamed_3129", right-click it and (Import a File) to replace it by this new one.

Thanks for Obocaman & Warpjavier for their great Tools!!




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