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Space Hearts

(C)2005 Copyright Jason 'Enforcer' Caternolo


Development Process:

Space Hearts began at the end of October '05 the same week as my Birthday. The map was basically started with a level concept by LaVamAn.

Everything was just roughly blocked out. So i took it and deleted roughly half the map, and began blocking in bits and peices of ideas.

I started fixing up the curves on the upper area for neatness and performance reasons. After the patchmeshes were cleaned up i began building the lower platform. I drew out some floor placements and then just built on top of that with metal support looking blocks. It looked good so i copied them around the entire upper and lower level giving it a Techy, Grimy, Quakish feel to the map.

Build Time:

The level took approx : 32hrs give or take a few to build and get into the near final stages of completion.

Thanks to Lavaman for the basic ideas for Space Hearts. OmegaSupreme for the name.


Any Problems with the map please don't hesitate to e-mail them to me at

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