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This is a map for the mod Hardcore for Quake 4. The map is a recreation of the first level of Super Mario Bros.
Everybricks are breakable with any weapons. The questions blocks are activable jumping down to them.
For enter in some pipes, shot on top of them and destroy the entrance.


Quake 4 patched 1.4.2

HardQore Final


Unpack the file into your Hardqore folder (eg: X:\Program Files\Id Software\Quake 4\hardqore
Run the Hardqore from Quake 4 or just execute the hardqore.bat, and type on the console "map hq_smq" without quotes.


Neurological - Textures, Map and Music

Atomic Armadillo Studios - Hardqore Mod


Red_Uk and Revility from Atomic Armadillo Studios for suggestions and help on making the map.

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