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The Ancient Truth: Museum - Tech Demo Map - Version 1.0.0 - 26/08/08 By Mechanical Brain Softworks. This Tech Demo doesn't represent the final mod quality.

The Ancient Truth is a single player campaign for Quake 4 which follows the original storyline of the game bringing the player to a new planet to discover an "Ancient Truth".


To install the mod: extract the folder "tat_museum", which is in the zip file, into your Quake 4
installation directory, usually: Program Files\Id Software\Quake 4\

To play the map there are two ways: by using directly the "Run TAT.bat" file which is inside the mod folder ("tat_museum") or by selecting "The Ancient Truth: Museum" trought the MODS list in the main menu of Quake 4.

For uninstall the mod: simply delete the "tat_museum" folder.

Note: You can't change graphic and game settings once you have launched the mod, it will automatically use your standard Quake 4's settings as you run the mod for the first time, so adjust your settings in Quake 4 before play the mod once or delete the file "Quake4Config.cfg" in the "tat_museum" folder to force the mod to reload Quake 4's settings once again (if you have made changes).

>We Recommend you to play the demo map at ULTRA details setting

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