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Name: fctf1 (falke's ctf 1)
Filename: fctf1.pk4
Date: 27.11.2005
Type: CTF
Players: 2-8
Description: Medium CTF Map
Author: Daniel "Falke" Valcanover


- Extract the fctf1.pk4 file into your quake4/q4base directory

You will see the map in the MP List from now on

Tool: Q4 Editor
Build Time: approx. 30 hours
new textures: no
new models: no
new music: no
new sounds: no
Terms of Use: - use it as Inspiration
- distribute it as often as you want
- don't change the readme.txt
- don't tell the map is your's, it's mine :-)
- ff you want to change the map, contact me first


Thanks to:
- MajorFleischer for mapping backup
- Freakman for mapping backup
- McGunn0r for mapping backup and beeing a cool guy
- FreaCore for the very intense use of the words "lol", "ROFL" and the :party: smiley
- TheRising for cool Smalltalk
- Flix for keeping the news alive
- SkyStalker for being a cool guy
- all i forgot :-D

- Pacman for creating the .TGA files and listening to good music ;-)
- MDK for the intense Q4 LAN gaming and the beer backup
- einer' for the intense Q4 LAN gaming and the programming backup
- Abdullah for keeping us laugh all day ;-)
- Miau for the good music and the smalltalk
- Cheffe for hardware backup
- Adrian for the smalltalk and the programming backup
- Naykie for the programming backup and many tower-defense wins :-D
- CCD for being himself

- SamD.K for all the party and the fun :-D
- produz00r for beeing himself

- Raven Software
- ID Software

And the rest of the world !!!

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