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Created on : 15.04.2006

Title : We Need More Metal
File : esh_q4dm1.pk4
Gametypes : DM
Author : Koray "EshQuIA" Ey
E-mail :
Web :
Tools : Quake4Edit & 3Ds Max 8

Description >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I built this level in about 3 months. It's my first map based on incredible Doom 3 technology and so I learnt tons of new, impressive at the same time, engine features. The level includes custom made terrain model that I created in 3Ds Max 8.

Installation & Play Info >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Make sure you installed the latest point release.

Extract esh_q4dm1.pk4 file into your q4base folder. In multiplayer, create a server and choose DM gametype. Select the level from the list and enjoy.

Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks to id Software & Raven Software for the cutting edge technology and the game.

Also thanks to Ken 'kat' Beyer for writing great tutorials. They helped me a lot!

And thanks to guys who gave constructive feedback and forced me to built better.

Copyright & Permissions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Copyright © 2006 Koray Eyidoğan.

You may distribute this level via internet as long as this text and the whole files are given intact.

For any other reason please drop me an e-mail including explanations why and what you want to do something.

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