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Quake 4 Fortress HOTFIX 0.03beta
| Changes from Alpha 002:
- Added spawn/flag support for q4ctf maps so that q4f servers can now run them properly
- Added server var: si_allowPogo to allow(1)/disable(0) pogo hopping
- Fixed rocket push force for direct rocket hit (it was set to some insane value before..)
- Fixed the display of the "Reloading" message while reloading
- Fixed bug where the fire effect would still appear on players after they were no longer on fire
- Medic's self-heal is now slower and more like QWTF's
- The Hyperblaster (medic supernailgun) now fires closer to the QWTF speed
- Tranquilized players now fire slower with non-automatic weapons
- Added linux binary
- Got rid of the "huge translation for clip model" error for ctf_flag (may be unstable!)

| Changes from Alpha 001:
- Added reloading system (similar to q3f's)
- Fixed Rocket Launcher reload time

Since 002 seems to have picked up a steady download count (over 80 last I checked), I've
decided to fix/tweak more aspects of Q4F. As you can see, quake 4 ctf maps (that means
custom ones too) are now supported as well as quite a few requsted fixes/changes. This
hotfix contains 002 as well since I screwed up the initial release by not renaming
game000.pk4 to game100.pk4.

Also please note that this is a BETA release. The linux binary has not been tested
yet, though I can't see why it wouldn't work. Also note that I added a really ugly
fix for the "huge translation for clip model" crash which really needs to be addressed in
future releases of this mod. Instead of this error occuring the game may just crash or
freeze, though this has never happened to me yet. For these reasons, I dub this release
as beta.

- Extract to q4f folder (overwrite game000 & game100)

Thanks --
3j - for programming Q4F, releasing the code, and helping me out
AnthonyJ - for being the q4mods guru ;p
CPU4B,DHA,kenji- for helping me test the internal builds
bolle(h!) - for being such a cool dude 8)

-XavioR (MSN:

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