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Quake 4 Fortress XT 1.2
game ver: 1.1c

Q4F XT is a modification of Quake 4 Fortress which aims to fix bugs and add features
which weren't included in the Q4F Alpha.
PS. There's now an official q4fxt server up generously hosted by escapedturkey. Check
it out at!

Extract contents of zip to quake 4 fortress or q4fxt folder (should work for either).
Note: Also included in this release is mapinfo.pk4 - this is optional, but if you plan
on hosting a server I suggest extracting it anyways.

Change Log
- Fixed server browser to display q4 1.4b servers, player count, ping, and map
- Fixed potential crash for map left on for extended time periods (thx Infernal)
- Linux binary no longer requires GLIBC2.4
- Added server var "si_warmup"; set to "0" to disable waiting for players
- Added mod name identifier "Q4F 1.1c"
*Note that not all 1.4b features are in yet. net_serverDownload "3" was in 1.1 but
has been taken out due to stability issues with q.4b

- Added Q4 1.4b support

- Added reloading system similar to q3f's
- Added LINUX support
- Added spawn/flag support for q4ctf maps (q4f servers can now run them properly)
- Added server var: si_allowPogo to allow(1)/disable(0) pogo hopping
- Fixed rocket push force for direct rocket hit (it was set to some insane value before..)
- Fixed the display of the "Reloading" message while reloading
- Fixed bug where the fire effect would still appear on players after they were no longer on fire
- Medic's self-heal is now slower and more like QWTF's
- The Hyperblaster (medic supernailgun) now fires closer to the QWTF speed
- Tranquilized players now fire slower with non-automatic weapons
- Got rid of the "huge translation for clip model" error for ctf_flag (may be unstable)
- Fixed Rocket Launcher reload time

Credits - Q4F
(taken from the q4f alpha readme:)

* Project Lead - Photeknix
* Lead Programmer - 3j (cjcone AT
* Level Designer(Bam) - Midori
* Level Designer(Bases) - Bolle
* Level Designer(Smooth) - TechX
* Models/Skins(Sentry,Players) - Hardman

Past Contributors

* Programming - Salteh
* Models(grenades) - Dconstruct
* Models(weapons) - Mesp
* Textures - CptTriscuit
* Level Designer(Mach) - nib
* Level Designer(Hardcore) - VilePickle
* Concept Artist - Recon
* Concept Artist - Tweed
* ??? - DukeHenry


* Unlagged Code - TTK-Bandit (TTK-Bandit AT

Credits - Q4FX
XavioR (aka avirox) - Programming/Game Tweaking
3j - Helped a TON with implementing reloading and code support
AnthonyJ - Helped with q4ctf flag support among other code help
DHA - Testing
CPU4BRAIN - Testing/Loafing
gotknot - Testing
kenji - Testing
the #q4mods guys - For giving me q4sdk linux help
escapedturkey - Server!!! :D

If you have any questions/comments about Q4FX, please contact me at

- XavioR

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