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Last Revision: February 28th 2007
Revision: 3

-Removed gaunlet on player spawn
-Decreased player running speed (to single player running speed)
-Spawned player(s) with blaster pistol
-Added Flashlight to Machinegun and Blaster Pistol (Thanks to Corvey)
-Increased Shotgun Ammo (Thanks to Corvey)

Known Problems/Bugs:

-Only the Host/Server can see everyone elses flashlights.
-Client Only sees their own flash light
-Spawning with only Blaster Pistol

Hey guys, I remembered while playing the actual COOP mod with a couple players. Pictures are up! look at them. Anyways, i remember discussing the difference Q4OC had with the actual single player itself. One of the many features missing was the blaster pistol. And the second major downfall was how fast the player ran. Well, i compilied this add on pretty quickly and considering the fact i've got other things to do... i better get to the point Wink
To install the mod simply add the pk4 file to your opencoop folder located in your quake 4 folder.
More to come in the future... Expect more soon! and even more for every advancement in Quake 4 OC. Thanks.

Would also like to thank the OC team, corvey, beeeen jammin and Darthanian!

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