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Since the Q4 1.4 beta and q4max 0.78 releases, we've been working closely with id to address many of the issues that have come up so far in the beta, the result of which is q4max 0.78a, for Q4 1.4.1 (beta 2).

The server crash problem seen with g_feedscorebot enabled is resolved, as is freakiness caused by changing si_fps while the server is running, and problems while spectating. We've also thrown in a couple of other changes - like a new railstyle, and coloured brightskin previews in the menus.

Also now available is the first release of MAXBrowse - a new server browser for Quake 4, Doom 3, and Prey. The automatic filter-tree in MAXBrowse allows you to easily find servers running with your preferred settings without the need to configure complex filters. We hope that you'll find it useful, and an improvement over your current server browsers.

Q4Max 0.78a requires Q4 1.4.1 (beta 2).

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