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Quake IV "borky" "mod"
v1.0 (070511)

- This puny little mod is plain silly. I have deformed the
head models of some of the characters to achieve nothing but
a quick giggle. The only reason I even considered uploading
it is the ridiculously small filesize for what some may want
to try to get some chuckles out of. I may do more with a
newer version because, hell, it's quick and fun!

- Place the PK4 into any base folder you want. ("q4base")

List of changes:-
- Matthew Kane = has a "Pinocchio" nose and "Jay Leno" chin.
- Strogg Kane = has a "Pinocchio" nose and "Jay Leno" chin.
- Strassa = has a big head (...I mean, _bigger_ head).
- Morris = has big flappy lips.
- Anderson = has wide ears and very small eyes.

Thanks to:-
- "der_ton" for the MD5 importer/exporter plugins.

IMPORTANT!- You may only access the contents of this pack
file if you _legally_ own a copy of Quake IV. All content
is property of id/Raven Software and other companies involved,
as a condition of downloading and accessing this pack file you
agree to legally owning a copy of Quake IV, else you deserve
such horrible vertex-yanking of your own head mesh.


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