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GTX is a graphic mod developed for Doom3\RoE and Quake4 that enhance the game experience with new graphic effects never seen before in the game.
GTX is projected to run on the standard (vanilla) campaign of the game (Doom3 or Quake4) and on custom SP/MP Maps, also, it doesn't use a custom interaction.vfp so you can combine GTX with other graphic mod like the Parallax mapping mod (not prepack in GTX Q4) or the Brilliant highlights mod.

There are two main edition, GTX for Doom3 and GTX for Quake4, both work on Windows and MacOS X (GTX D3 Beta v. 1.5 & GTX Q4 v. 1.0), i'm looking for a Linux compiler, if you are interested in it send me an email ;)

See below for the features of each edition:

Features of GTX D3 beta v. 1.5:
Bloom shader (v. 1.1);
Parallax mapping;
RealMetal Ex (it's a new version of RM, not a revision);
Weapons Reflection;
Distance Grow;
Simple effect like sparks;
Wall\Floor Reflection.

Features of GTX Q4 v. 1.0:
Reflection on all weapons (inview & world);
Reflection on all marines (only SP);
Reflection on the hands of the player (SP & MP);
Reflection on all stroggs (also on bosses and special enemies);
Reflection on the hovertank and the walker (hovertank world and inview, walker inview only);
Bloom shader (v. 1.4);
flashlight powerup (cast any object's shadow).

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